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    Glamour shots of New York pass quickly through the screen. A shot of a homeless man sitting by a subway entrance is seen, white dress pants pass by and drops an IW3 shirt on the homeless man. The figure in a white suit walks in to a theatre, where a crowd of fans behind barricades lose their shit. The figure in the white suit waves at them, throwing up 3 sweet.

    We follow the figure from behind through the backstage area of the theatre. Where he is handed a joint, that he takes a puff of and hands back. The figure stops as two women approach him in the hallway, looking at him seductively. You hear a zipper and the two women go down. The figure checks his watch, and the two come back up with smudged lipstick. You hear the zipper and the figure keeps moving.

    We cut to an audience that is applauding.

    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your host for the night. The man who killed Jimmy Fallon in a back alley and took over this show, IWT Hall of Famer, Dat Kid!

    A train comes crashing through the set and as the doors open, Kid steps out in a white suit, to a tremendous applause from his loyal fanbase. Kid steps out of the train and adjust his tie.

    Automated Train Voice: Next Stop, Hoboken Terminal.

    The train moves out of the set. Kid takes his seat at his desk.

    Welcome to Late Night with Dat Kid. Last week we saw Jimmy Fallon get ousted from the show, this week our special guest be a man I know far too well, Joey Bryant!

    The crowd boos and Kid pulls on his collar.

    Tonight's musical guest will be Sage dressed as a schoolgirl playing the Orcarina for about 10 seconds. So we have an exciting show tonight. Let's give a hand for my live band, the remaining members of The Cure who don't have jobs in IWT.

    George and David wave from the stage, smiling.

    And the remainder of the band are all of Adam's gimmicks that never worked.

    Adam's failed gimmicks also wave from the stage.

    So before we bring out Bryant, let's talk about some news. So I'm not suspended anymore because I sued Micheal, so that's great. Downside though, Bullad Club was butthurt that the PPV was ending with a proper main event, so they came down like savages and attacked us. We could have beat them, but happy hour was approaching so we left graciously if I recall correctly.

    Jack Forte managed to lose his Intercontinental Championship to one of those scrubs, to the shock of us all, so I guess he was pretty much a one hit wonder, especially losing to whatever that guys name is. On the upside at least Jwab will have someone to sit with him on at the losers table in catering.

    The Universal Title still exists to my surprise, I think they had a match for it, but no one really cared.

    And finally Joey Bryant won the tag team championships by himself against two men who I'm pretty sure don't understand the concept of consent. Micheal was also there....kinda just standing and doing nothing...letting people usual of course.

    But enough about that, let's get to the show. Let me welcome my guest, the former IWT Champion and current tag champion Joey Bryant!

    Kid stands up and points to the curtain.

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  3. *Joey Bryant walks out from the side of the stage wearing a suit with his tag team championship strapped around his waist. The background music plays and Joey waves to the fans and smiles at Kid sitting at the desk while walking to his seat. He sits down and removes the tag title from his waist and lays it across his lap as the music cuts.*

    "I appreciate the warm introduction Kid, and I can see that you've been busy, eh?. It's been a while and I'd say that it's nice to see you but i'd be lying a bit there."

    *The crowd boos at that and Joey shrugs and chuckles*

    "I see you got some loyal fans as well. Rough crowd."

    "'re not the Today Show or anything but this is a nice venue for me to show off my tag championship a bit, that I did win with Michael by the way, not by myself. I know you two have beef but please try to keep me out of it as that is not my battle."

    *He looks around the set then turns his head a bit and looks at Kid.*

    "Now I know you pretty well i'd say, Kid. Why did you really want to bring me here tonight? I know it wasn't just to catch up and reminisce about old times. We both got places to be, why don't you just make this nice and fast..."
  4. Dat Kid raises an eyebrow at Bryant.

    Joey, let's not lie, you don't have anywhere to be. You're a tag champion? Where the hell do you have to go?

    Kid gets up from his seat and sits on the edge of his desk, lurching over Bryant.

    Now, I was just trying to be nice, honestly I was. Let's be honest, you owe your career to me and I'm not talking church, I'm talking before that. Remember that little tournament for the #1 Contender's Spot. Who arranged that tournament? Fitting the bracket, so that you were guaranteed victory, hell you faced Sackfist in the finals. You know damn well he didn;t belong anywhere near the title. You think that was an accident? No, Mr. Bryant, you're exactly where you need to be, here.

    Kid gets up and sits back down at his chair.

    Now you don't have to like me Bryant, the entire roster doesn't like me, despite watching me at this very moment.

    Kid looks right at the camera and winks to every single one of the people who want his head.

    Everything I've done, was to better you. Let's be honest, if it weren't for me you would have never held the IWT Championship. Tell me I'm lying Bryant. When I look at your tag team, it's anything but Virtuous. Micheal The Roadster is using you. We watched him give himself title shots and fail, now he knows he can't do it on his own. The only reason he brought you back is so you can be his crutch and to spite me. To watch him use MY creation. I can't let that happen Joey.

    Kid slowly reaches under his desk and grabs a bag, holding it to his side. Sage runs to the bag and scurries around the desk to gently place it in Bryant's lap.

    Inside that bag is T-Shirt, it's an IW3 T-Shirt. Aids sustained an injury in his match against Luis, we need a 3rd man. I want you to be that third man.

    The crowd starts chanting Yes.

    I'm going to be upfront with you Bryant, I'm going to use you. I'm going to use you as a weapon to take back what belonged to us. I'm going to drain you of every ounce of blood in your body and I'm saying it to your face unlike our two faced boss. I saved you from being in a garbage tag team before and I can do it again, once again the choice is yours. Championships come and go Bryant, and Roadie can offer you that, but what I can offer you is a new chapter to the legacy that I have helped you craft. What I can offer you is something that you lost, something that you thrived on...

    Joey Bryant

    Kid claps his hands.

    The crowd joins in the very familiar chant and it's almost deafening in the studio. "Joey Bryant *clap clap* *clap clap clap* Joey Bryant *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    Kid lets Joey soak it in for a bit, then he holds his hand in a fist and the crowd immediately stops.

    What's it going to be?
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  5. *Joey chuckles for a few seconds before looking up at the crowd then over at Dat Kid.*

    "Let's get one thing straight here. You did not make me. My entire career i've had dudes like you try to tell me I wouldn't be shit without them and how I owe something to those guys. Nah. You sound just like Aids, he tries to claim i wouldn't be shit without him and you're sitting there doing the same thing. You're nothing but a snake, Kid. Even when the Church was at the top of our game and no one could stop us, you're the one that ended it all and turned your back on me..."

    *The loyal Kid fanbase begins to boo and Joey stands up out of his chair, puts his tag title on his shoulder and begins yelling at them. The IW3 shirt falls to the ground.*

    "No! You don't BOO me! How can you all sit there and cheer for a man like this and then go to IWT shows and bring your little "Joey Bryant" signs and chant your cute little Joey Bryant chant. I might just be a tag champion but I'm STILL a champion whether you loyal sheep like it or not!"

    *He turns around and holds up his title to Kid and looks straight at him.*

    "Virtue is not a garbage tag team as long as we hold this...and we plan on holding it for a long, long time. You might have your issues with Michael but the two of us are a tighter bond than any of you in IW3 and I don't give a damn what you have to offer me, I already got everything I want."

    *He slowly turns around and looks back at the crowd. He tosses his belt on the chair and spreads him arms out to the crowd.*

    "Go ahead! Chant my name! Jo-ey Bry-ant! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap* Jo-ey Bryant! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap*"

    *Joey continues chanting it but the crowd just boos as loud as they can and some even throw some trash at him he continues chanting it over the boos before shaking his head and turning back to Kid. He sees the bag on the ground out of the corner of his eye and slowly walks over to it and picks it up. The crowd immediately stops booing and begins chanting "YES! YES!". He removes the shirt from the bag and holds it up for the crowd.*

    "This is what you all want, huh?! THIS is what you want Kid? Joey Bryant on your side again?!"

    *The crowd continues to cheer and Joey begins to put it on. The crowd cheers even louder and he pauses halfway through putting it on.*

    "Just so you could stab me in the back again, right?......."

    *He shakes his head and pauses for a moment then quickly removes the shirt, crumples it up, and throws it right at the face of Dat Kid. The crowd boos loud once again and Joey shakes his head and angrily picks his tag belt off the chair and places it back on his shoulder and stares down Kid.*
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  6. Kid stares Joey down while the boos in the studio are ferocious, Kid smoothly lowers his hand to let the crowd know to settle and they do.

    I'm not Aids, I don't lay claim to things I haven't done. You come on my show and pretend that when creative was purposely keeping you out of the title picture for clown like Frank The Jock. Who was the one man who had your back? I killed IWT FOR YOU! You were the reason that I started FSW, to take all the talent from the IWT roster and when you asked if you should jump ship I said no. You know why I said no, becuase I knew I just cleared the field for one Joey Bryant to claim what he had earned, Don't stand here and insult me and act like I haven't done a damn thing for you. I DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU!

    Yeah and in the end I stabbed you in the back, but did you ever ask why?Because when you had everything, you got lazy, complacent, and Alias Antonio took your spot! Now I see that same lazy Joey Bryant, except this time you THINK you have everything. You don't have a DAMN THING! But I'm done playing Captain Save-A-Ho. Joey if you think having the a tag title is everything you want, I won't have to stab you in the back, I'll just watch you commit career suicide.

    Kid turns to the camera.

    I hope you all enjoyed the show. Next week I'll have two guests. I won't tell you who the 1st one is, but the 2nd has to make the decision to come on to the show, because next week sitting in this studio will be the Former Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forte @Shadow .

    Kid snaps his fingers.

    I know I said Sage would be the musical guest tonight, but there's nothing I want to hear more than the sound of Joey Bryant's bones breaking.

    Sage who was already wearing the schoolgirl outfit runs over to Kid with a baseball bat. Kid slowly walks over to Bryant, tapping the bat on his desk as he walks around until-
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  7. Spawn comes charging onto the set from no where. He rams at full speed into the gut of Dat Kid with a spear that could crack a mountain. The force from the spear pulls both men as they go tumbling over one of the couches. Spawn quickly gets on top of Kid as he slams down a couple huge hammer fists right onto the face of Dat Kid. Spawn is trying to break his face! During this spontaneous attack the members of the audience gasp in horror yet some are quick to pull up their phones to record the attack. Spawn only just started to land his punches as Sage dives onto Spawn's back with a shriek as she defends her man by pulling Spawn away like a jockey.

    Spawn lets out a roar in pain as she starts to yank his hair and scratch his face. Spawn flings her off his back onto the couch where she bounces off the furniture and quickly realizes her error. Her face goes from blood red to ghostly white as Spawn angrily strides towards her. She begs him to stop, but Spawn is showing no mercy. He slaps his grasp around her neck and lifts her high over his head as he walks over to Kid's large desk. Spawn puffs frantically in a fit of rage and exhaustion.

    [Spawn] I know it was you! You son of a bitch!

    Spawn gets ready to slam her through the desk, but he wants Dat Kid to witness it. He wants Kid to taste his own medicine. He looks over to the toppled couch. He looks for Dat Kid.
  8. Kid already standing up, stands by the curtain frantically, trying to decide on whether or not to help.

    She has insurance!

    Kid runs way, tripping over members of his crew.
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  10. Spawn looks around and he catches Dat Kid running off and leaving his own woman to take his beating. Spawn wasn't after Sage, but she was going to be collateral damage. There is no point in harming her if Kid didn't care. Even Spawn was shocked to see what a heartless coward he was. Leaving his own love to protect himself...
    Spawn freezes as his mind stars racing. He wants to get his hands on Dat Kid but he already got the slip...
    Frustration begins to boil once more as Spawn releases his grasp causing Sage to drop to her knees with a loud thud. She lets out a whimper as she looks up at Spawn.

    [Spawn] Get out of here before I change my mind...

    Sage still frozen in fear of the large man.

    [Spawn] Seriously. You are not going to want to stick around. Run.

    She quickly picks herself up and bolts away as tears begin to stream down her face.
    Spawn looks around the set for a moment before he begins to grab everything in his reach and break it. Lights, Kid's chair, the pillows, the set. Spawn rips it all off the walls. He tears it all apart. He breaks it over his knee and he slings it across the room. Very quickly the studio looks like the aftermath of a war. Spawn still in a fit of anger and distraught emotion sees Joey Bryant still watching. Spawn leaps over the broken bits of equipment as he marches up into Bryant's face.

    [Spawn] Whats the matter Joey. You want your ass kicked too?!

    Spawn and Joey are face to face. Neither man backing down but neither foolish enough to make the first move. They stare at each other, testing each other for a good 10 seconds before Spawn lets out a growl from under his breathe as he walks back. Eyeing Joey down in disgust as he storms off the set, shoving studio workers out his way.
    Dat Kid was still going to pay. Spawn wasn't done yet.
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