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    Announcer: Live from New York, it's Dat Kid!

    Dat Kid walks in with a half red and half white suit to the thunderous applause of his loyal fanbase. Dat Kid moves over to his new furniture that had to be replaced due to the altercation with Spawn last week. There is a noticeable bump up in security as the camera catches a few individuals wearing skull face paint with security shirts.The live band fades out as Kid cues for it.

    Thank you all for being here tonight, I hope to bring you a better show than last week, although the ratings will say differently. Jack Forte joins us tonight.

    The crowd boos, Kid cant help but hold show a little grin.

    We also have a surprise guest tonight, he requested to be on here, for reasons I dont know, but why the fuck not, it's my show.

    Before we start I want to bring out a friend of mine, well more like a servant, but she's my property and I value the things I own.

    Sage comes out wearing a neck brace that immediately falls and she puts back on herself. She shuffles over to Kid who puts his arm around her and looks at the camera.

    It is apparent to me that Sage did not have insurance and I should have stepped in to defend her from that monster Spawn. So I admit, I messed up, just a little bit. I mean most of it is your fault anyway, you were dressed provocatively and it's not my fault Spawn wanted to rape you on live television, destroying my set in the process. However I walked out unharmed and as reward I wanted to get you something special.

    Kid pulls out an IW3 T-Shirt with Sage poorly written and taped on to the back of the shirt. Sage starts tearing up and is about to hug Dat Kid who-

    Dont touch me!

    Sage backs away and goes back to her corner where she is smiling with the shirt.

    Spawn, I dont know what your problem is, accusing me of things that I have no recollection of. However like the man I am, I will face you and we will sort this out. At Thursday's house show, I want you to meet me in the ring, not as opponents, but as a fellow coworker and I'm sure we can come to a solution for YOUR problem.

    Speaking of Vice it's little secret that I was supposed to be scheduled in a match...a match with Bitchtanica. However, due to some not so subtle whispers that match seemingly vanished before it even happened. So allow me to make sure this is heard @Solid Snake & @Roadster don't fuck with me. You want to play your little backstage politics and get some sort of jump on me, please, I invented those tricks.

    Brit I'll smell your cat urine soaked ass before you even get the chance to try something on me or the IW3, trust me. And Roadie, you keep poking your nose in my business while you let Bullad Club take over IWT, your ass backwards. Get your priorities in check and stop letting Jack Forte run your PPVs or I will PUT YOU in check!

    "Die Micheal Die" chants start in the studio.

    Kid is handed a water which he drinks and hands back to the ominous hand in the corner of the screen. Kid calmly sits at his desk as the chants continue. Kid clenches a fist to stop the crowd.

    My first guest...
    Show Spoiler

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  2. (Walks out and gives everyone the finger)
    Hello dat kid hows the wife
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  3. Dat Kid smiles half-heartedly.

    She's doing better than your career. I was going to ask you questions, but I honestly just stopped caring the moment you walked out here. So you can sit there and think about how much of a fool you are as I interview my next guest, the former Intercontinental Champion...Jack Forte @Shadow .

    Kid motions to the curtain.
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  4. The song plays over the small studio set, and the cameras cut to Jack who was waiting for his cue.
    Forté proceeds to enter the set, marking his first public appearance in front of an audience since his title loss. He passes The Blackfire, and they exchange some friendly talk. They talk about eachother's wives, Jack brings up Sage who he says is not with Dat Kid, and Kid bought a cheap look-a-like escort. Sage is safe and back at their place. They shake hands as Blackfire leaves the set, and Forté focuses on Kid who has his hand out. Jack ignores it, which is met with a negative reaction, and takes a seat.
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  5. Kid looks at Forte with his hand still out, his half hearted smile on his face. Kid sits down.

    That's okay, I was almost out of hand sanitizer and you saved me the trouble of getting a new one. Any how last time I saw you, you were all heated, talking shit about me, in ring gear. Ah man you were so ready to fight me. I guess you kind've know what your fans felt when you let them down in your Intercontinental Championship match when the unbeatable Jack Forte became well...beatable. And to lose to James Dragon none the less, maybe I should have fought you, at least you would have been defeated by someone who actually matters. Anyway, enough about your failures.

    I couldn't help but notice you haven't exactly made any attempts to regain your Intercontinental Championship and I'm not stupid like your fans, could it be perhaps you're trying to step in to the upper echelons of the IWT and I'm talking IWT Championship not that Universal Cuck Championship.

    Dat Kid catches Sage looking at Forte and he throws a stapler at her before Forte can answer, she scurries off set.
  6. With all due respect, Kid, I haven't said a word since that night. I have been radio silent, my intentions have not been brought to light at all. I figured I would help your dying show, like Suicide did behind the scenes with FSW.

    So about that night, when I was pinned for the very first time, when I lost my Intercontinental Championship. James went on track to earning my respect, and I say that because I have not seen what he can do as the Intercontinental Champion. I do have faith in him, though.

    But yeah, there was no doubt in my mind what I was going to do next. Not once did I contemplate leaving the IWT, that's not me. Never has been. As for challenging Dragon, I did decide not to pursue my re-match with him. The Intercontinental Championship was always my main goal when I joined the IWT, but as of now there is nothing more I can do for it.

    As of now, I cannot say that I am going after another title. Will I down the road? Probably. But as of now, I have another goal in mind...
  7. You can't join IW3 Forte, top tier only bud, sorry. So I guess you're going to have to find another goal.

    Dat Kid takes a sip of his Four Loko in his coffee mug that says "World's Best God"

    Also, Suicide owes his career to me, so it doesn't matter what he did for FSW because they're both dead and I'm rich. Now let's stop talking about 2013 and talk about right now. You have no title and you have no streak. Let's face the facts, you dont have jack shit, no pun intended. Your career as of this moment is a ticking time bomb. You opt not go for a title, you're going to fade into the back. You remind me a lot of a guy named Farooq. He wasn't undefeated, but he only lost 7 times out of more than twenty matches, and people thought he was great. I see a lot of him in you, because just like him, there's this air that you're some sort of a big shot. You spent your entire career fighting nobodies and given the list of your opponents you would have to be mentally retarded to lose any of those matches.

    Your undefeated streak was nothing but you padding the numbers so that you could look good. You're bidding your time waiting for fluke like Bruce Knight to win the championship, so you can swoop in and have a one week title reign. I think it's a pretty sound strategy for you, given your ability or lack of it for that matter. Bravo Forte.

    Kid claps and so does the audience, until Kid stops and then they all stop.

    But I'll humor you, what is your "goal"? and just a reminder, joining the IW3 is off the table...because you're awful.
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  8. What's awful is that you want to talk about padding numbers, while you walked out against me, yet took a match against someone who hasn't had any matches yet... thinking that you'd get an easy win, and still lost! What's awful is the fact that you might have beaten your current partner in your return, but his name is still more prominent than your's.

    But how could that be? You're a God, afterall. You created the IWT, you're a shoe-in for Hall of Famer. But you should be already be in there if you're as good as you say you are. You aren't yet, though. And by the looks of it, Alias still has a better chance of getting in next year.

    Make no mistake about it, Kid. You can sit here and joke about my record, but I've taken on all comers. And while you stood across from me in the ring, still running your jokes, you stepped to me. You challenged me, and the record books say that I beat... you.

    I'm not upset about how I got the win either. But I am not here to ask for another match against you, because let's face it, you'd end up being the butt of the joke. And I'm certainly not here to get a tank top that would associate me with the likes of you.

    No, no, no. Like I said, Alias' name still brings a bigger punch than any other in the IW3, and the only one in your little group I haven't even been in a ring with. So I decided to come out on your show, to challenge Alias at Dragon Rising. Win or lose to Luis, I want him in the ring.
  9. There is a silence for a bit until Dat Kid bursts out laughing, the entire crowd begins to laugh, even Sage comes back out to point and laugh at Forte until Kid (while still laughing) throws a stapler at her. The show goes to commercial break and we see The IWT Veteran Fund Ad. Dat Kid and the audience are still laughing at Forte, Kid catches his breath.

    So-*Kid cracks up a bit*-so-*he snickers*-so, you want to face Alias Antonio. I can tell by the lack of a smile on your face that you're pretty serious, even though you're walking, living, breathing, joke. You sit here and talk about losses that don't matter, when fact will show I never "stood across the ring" from you, I've never ONCE been in a ring with you, that's why you're not in the hospital right now. You want to talk about a loss to a guy I fought in a barnyard at IWT Takeover: Shadow's Sister, which was not televised by the way. You want to talk about a dusty old record book that only you and the rest of that circle jerk klan (which includes the Scrub Club and Ovaldickhead) care about. None of these fans, nor anyone in the locker room go to our records, and scroll through that book.

    You know what they do, they go back and watch the IWT Network and you know what they watch...they dont watch you be the fluffer for guys like James The Magic Dragon, they watch me & Alias nearly kill each other every time we get in the ring. They watch FTJ, a sideshow freak take on Aids, the show that I will remind you got 300 millions viewers bro, and since you care about records. that's a record you will never beat! You've spent your time in the McDonalds ball pin for last year and you got molested by a clown named James Dragon and you're too afraid to go back! You're afraid that you'll lose AGAIN! So you turn your sights on the IW3, thinking well they loss, so this must be easy. Bad choice, because not only will you lose, but you're going to find out that the mid card and the main event are places you don't belong. In fact the only place that you'll belong, should Alias accept your the gutter.

    Dat Kid opens the drawer and pulls out his Hall of Fame ring.

    I stopped wearing mine because I heard you got one just for being Twitter friends with Suicide. You having one of these is an example of Micheal's incompetence, I've spilled enough blood to earn mine. However, I see your game. You know Alias is going to beat Luis, we all knew it, even the people watching right now know it, even Luis knows it. That's why idiots like you tried to talk to him backstage and goat him in to putting his rematch clause up. But when Alias wins, there is no way he's putting his title on the line against the king of the trash heap. Unless...tell you what, if Alias wins the championship, which he will, you can fight him at Dragon Rising for the IWT Championship under one condition. I'm only speaking for Alias because I know he wants this. If he beats you at Dragon Rising, you lose your Hall of Fame status to him and I'm not talking about just the ring, your name gets crossed out, his name gets put in, and since we also have you accepting a Hall of Fame ring in the show we have to edit it out. So not only will you have to do that, but you'll have to hold a special ceremony for Alias and induct him into the hall of fame and publicly hand over your ring.

    Other than that...why would he bother facing somebody like you. Excuse me, while you talk nonsense I'm going to call Alias. I have him on speed dial because we're buddies now, we both love Kanye.

    Dat Kid steps out of his chair, walks over to the side and calls @THG? Alias Antonio so he can be on the show. A cardboard cutout is put in front of the desk to fool Jack Forte because he's really stupid and will think it's the real Dat Kid.
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  10. *Awaiting Alias' entrance, Jack Forte turns his attention towards the curtain. Unbeknowst to him however, a man with a security guard uniform plus a hoodie emerges on set from the security guard line, pushes Forte and then backs off, making Forte turn around . Before Forte can act on it though, the guard quickly rushes towards him again and takes down Forte with one punch, completely knocking him out unconscious.

    The man turns around and it is revealed that he has a mask on. Dat Kid's reaction is simply to lean against the desk and nod his head, until the guard takes off his mask and his hoodie, showing himself as Alias Antonio with an IW3 shirt under the hoodie. The vociferous crowd go wild in a mixed reaction. However, they start jeering when he signals towards brass knuckles he used to knock Forte out. A big smile takes over Alias' face as he approaches a giggling Dat Kid, who slaps his knee at the comedy. Alias shakes his head and grabs the mic.*
    Oh man, that was a good one wasn't it, Jabri? BANTER, baby.

    *Alias high-fives Kid. He then suddenly stops laughing, and walks closer to Forte's lifeless body with a more serious approach.*
    I know you can't hear me right now. You're unconscious, inanimate, lifeless, inert. Boy you just got knocked out senseless so it's needless to say that you can't sense anything right now. But although you find yourself in your current state, I hope when you ice yourself up and convalesce back in whatever bin you came from, you play back this tape. And I'll tell you why.

    Hello, Jack Forte. I don't believe we've ever met. My name is Alias Antonio and I thought the finest way of introducing myself to you was by instantly leaving a mark on your long-term health and on your career, just to show you just the type of man I am. I'm dangerous to anyone around me, especially to any little sardine who thinks he's big and bad enough to swim with the perilous sharks. I just welcomed you to the real world, kiddo. This is the main event scene, this is the main event that the IW3 safeguard and no one ascends until they go through us. And the fact that you just walk around here with an undeserved Hall Of Fame ring and a list of beaten names that nobody remembers, and I'm sure you won't either after waking up, makes you an absolute target for us. You represent everything that we protest and expostulate about. An incapable yet privileged man who walks into the IWT when it's in dire straits, wins a few matches, wins a meaningless title and gets HANDED a Hall Of Fame ring by an even more incapable **** in Michael.

    You may have helped IWT sell out them bingo halls when it was struggling, but it's no coincidence that when I came back, business commences to boom again. Yet you get handed a Hall Of Fame ring, and I get handed with nothing but "You ran away, you don't care about IWT!" amongst other bullshit and disrespect. And at one point I have cared about the IWT, I may still do somehow but now, you're damn right Michael, I don't care about the IWT. I don't care about the IWT because of people like YOU, and people like Jack Forte. People like Joey Bryant who sell their legacy to the devil named Michael in exchange for a cheap paycheck and a tag title run.

    That's what we fight against, and what we fight for is a better IWT, an IWT where nobody can so easily waltz their way into the main event scene without having enough merit to do so. And I'm sorry to say Jacko, but you're one of the reasons for our cause and just one of the many people standing in our way, and especially my way.

    After the loss you suffered to one of those scrubs, you found yourself in the back of the line. The only thing maintaining your relevancy is that Hall Of Fame Ring. So when I beat you to a bloody pulp next time we meet, you'll have nothing to stake your claim as someone worthy, deserving or relevant in this company.

    So when I say, play this back when you patch yourself up, I mean it. To remind you of who runs this place, and to remind you of who's going to be the man to take away your precious Hall Of Fame ring, and consequently, your whole career, relevancy and life.

    I accept.
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  11. Well dat kid i think you should sit there and think about your carrer

    As i am here to challenge oval to a match


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  12. Dat Kid looks over at Thr Blackfire who just reappeared and finally came up with a comeback 20 minutes after the fact.

    I know you?

    Kid flicks his wrist and The Blackfire is now a censoered blob.

    That was the late night with me. Let's here it for the only guest worth mentioning, Alias Antonio.

    The crowd applauds as Dat Kid nods.

    Next week my guests will be...

    All four members of the Bullad Club!

    The studio goes silent for a moment. Dat Kid picks up on the tension and-

    And here's our musical guest, Stevie Wonder for a very special song for the bloody pulp on the floor. That's it for tonight, see you next week!

    Stevie Wonder comes out and security lets the crowd dance on stage, with Jack Forte in the middle of it all being stampeded on like a Walmart employee on Black Friday. The show fades to black.
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  13. Lord Lee is sat on his couch eating Doritos, laughing his DAMN head off, Ovaldinho is doing his thing on the treadmill but is intrigued by Lee's laughter

    Ovaldinho: What's got you laughing, geezer?

    Lord Lee: *continues to chuckle* BLACKFIRE WANTS A TITLE SHOT! HAHAHA!

    Ovaldinho: Wait. *grin widens* Where's he saying that?

    Lord Lee: He was on that little show has Dat Kid. Fair play, it has good production value for public access or whatever station it was on.

    Ovaldinho: Kid has a show?

    Lord Lee: Yeah. The Make A Wish Foundation gave it to him I think.

    Ovaldinho: *scratches head* Dat Kid's dying?

    Lord Lee: No, but the faggot's career is...

    Ovaldinho stares at Lee with a look of disapproval

    Lord Lee: Alright, *rolls eyes* I shouldn't use the term 'faggot', but all bets are off when I watch Kid figuratively and near enough literally suck himself off for an hour. He's the only black homosexual I make fun of though and I promise you that I will keep it that way.

    Ovaldinho shakes his head. He gets off the treadmill and sits on the couch.

    Ovaldinho: Blackfire calling me out for my belt. Barmy behaviour.

    Lee: Yeah, tuned in because my sources informed me that he'd be on. He was only on screen a minuscule amount of time but they were the best bits basically.

    Ovaldinho: What do IW3 and Blackfire have in common? Blackfire lost his last match.. but so has the entire of IW3!

    Lee and Ovaldinho laugh in hysterics as they proceed circlejerk eachother's banter. They kinda just spend the next god knows how long making jokes along the same vein, so now seems like a good time to finish commentating upon what the two of them are doing~
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  14. We comin'
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