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    Jimmy Fallon: Tonight, we have a special guest from the IWT, he is the oldest member actively on the roster, it's none other than Dat Kid!

    Dat Kid comes out in a gold suit, he does a slow spin, and makes his way towards Jimmy. The audience is mostly applauding, but there's some a few little dick Scrub Club fans in the audience. Kid takes a seat, Jimmy makes an uneasy face at the boos and looks over at Kid.

    Kid: Ah, don't worry about that, some of these fans don't know how to separate fact from fiction. Not any of my fans of course, just the ones who cheer the people I beat up for a living.

    Jimmy, the crowd, and Kid all laugh.

    Kid: In fact we should kick them out.

    Jimmy laugh turns into a chuckle.

    Kid: Do it.

    Jimmy looks around nervously and quickly does a head nod to security to take them out. The Scrub Club fans are escorted out of the building.

    Jimmy: So let's get right to it. You're here to promote IWT Anarchy. Who are you fighting and what should we expect?

    Kid: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not here to promote that. I'm not even on that card, I was suspended a few days ago. So unfortunately you shouldn't expect much from IWT Anarchy, but the fans should be used to not expecting much out of the IWT since Micheal's taken over. I mean Alias and Aids will be the two speckles of light in that abyss.

    Jimmy: Oh wow, I knew about the suspension, I didn't know it was that long. What did you have some of uh God's greenest of greens?

    Fallon laughs

    Kid: No, I was suspended for speaking my mind. I'm in the middle of taking legal action against that fraud and I'm going to take every single penny away from him and I'll be wearing suits like this as pajamas and he'll be lucky enough to afford a dixie cup to cover up his womanhood.

    Fallon laughs again like the pawn he is.

    Jimmy: So let's address the elephant in the room.

    Kid: That wasn't the elephant in the room?

    Jimmy: Well there's a circus tent full of elephants and we're going to go over them one at a time. So, you're God.

    Kid: Yes.

    The crowd chuckles, Kid smiles at them.

    Jimmy: So you created everything.

    Kid: When it comes to the IWT, yes I'm God because that place was made possible because of me. I created so many memorable moments and stars, that yes when it comes to IWT...there's no doubt that I am God. Outside of it, I didn't create much, but if millions of people are watching my every move, hanging on my word- Your children grow up wanting to be me! And what is God, if not reflected in men of his own image. I never said I was God, but that hasn't stopped people from treating me like I was one.

    Jimmy: So I've been keeping up somewhat with IWT and a lot of new faces coming in. Who do you think is the next Dat Kid?

    Kid: Uh, there's not going to be another Dat Kid. There are people who are seriously working hard, winning matches, titles, and putting on a show. I really do applaud these people, but they're not gonna touch me and what I've done, no one can. There's a long line of people trying to make a name for themselves off me, sending me messages to get in the ring with me and do you know what I say to them?

    Jimmy: What's that?

    Kid: I know you?

    Jimmy starts to laugh-

    Kid: No! Don't laugh, this isn't a joke.

    Jimmy makes a signal to go to commercial, but Dat Kid stands up and throws a stack of cash at the cameraman.

    Kid: Keep it rolling, and for the people in that production booth there's a lot more money where that came from. Eyes on me cause this is my show now Jimmy. You want to sit there and make jokes all night to bring home the big bucks, but they won't be at my expense. I'm a bigger star than you Jimmy, people worship me, the only people who watch your show are housewives and retirees. Well guess what, this ain't limp dick hour anymore, get the fuck off my stage!

    Jimmy quietly takes his lavaliere off and leaves the stage without looking back.

    Kid: want to kick me off IWT, fine. I'll just embarrass you every night here, so that when I sue you and destroy everything you think you are, you'll be left in a puddle of your own piss outside my gates begging ME for a job. I asked you for one thing Micheal, but you had to make it about you. What makes you worse than every other man involved with IWT is that you can't actually beat me. You gotta make a name off of me and hide behind several other security guards. Anyway, gotta keep ratings up and your name is like aids when it comes to that.

    Next week on Late Night with Dat Kid I'm inviting JOEY BRYANT to the show! That is if he'll show up. That's it for tonight, see you next week!

    @DK James @Roadster
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  2. Jimmy Fallon is pretty bad but at least its not Jimmy Kimmell
  3. Colbert & Oliver or bust. Smdh
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  4. i know you?
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