Latest news on Hero & Cesaro returning as a tag-team

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  1. How mad are you @[Seabs] ?
  2. Fuck the fans in attendance get this shit on the main show.
  3. Hmmmm.......

    On one hand, you've got two guys who've tagged for years in the indies and won multiple titles. They're generally considered one of the best tag teams in the world. But you won't team them up in WWE.

    On the other hand, you need a tag team, so you spin the big wheel in the back and team up JTG and Santino.

    Yeah, that makes sense.

  4. "I don't care if it's real or fake. I still think it's cool." Awesome quote WK.

    There's a good side about this though, since the tag team division currently is crap, if they were put as a tag they'd probably stay there for a long time and always have a ceiling above them. Them going solo at least shows that WWE has faith on them.
  5. I never knew the tag team anyway
  6. This is true.

    However, if HHH is serious about building up the tag division, then it's still somewhat questionable. I mean, it is possible to build a tag team, make them dominant, then break them up and have both men go on to top singles careers (Beer Money comes to mind as a recent example; Edge and Christian for the AE fans).

  7. I think they should team up, they are a good tag team, and another team like theirs can bring up the tag team division. Plus, they can just give the US championship to someone else, maybe to Alex Riley.
  8. Can we get dark matches on youtube or anywhere? That match must have been awesome. Less punk, more the other 3.
  9. That's true. If the tag division goes back to what it used to be it'd be good to see them as a tag as we know they'd probably end up like E&C as you said. But in the worst scenario (tag division as it is today), it'd probably end up like Cryme Tyme or The Colons.