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  1. I didn't discuss this at first due to it being typical dirtsheet crap, but there has been multiple dirtsheets reporting in the same way. It looks like WWE really don't see Sting as a major acquisition and it also seems like we won't be getting our Undertaker vs Sting match. What I don't understand though is why would Sting leave TNA, a company where he has played a vital part, when he has rejected WWE many times in the past after being offered a Taker match? He rejects it then, a chance to main event Wrestlemania, but is willing to join now to basically be abused for merchandise sales?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't something seem off there? I'd personally like to see Sting vs Taker, though I'd much rather Cena vs Taker at some point.
  2. That's really going to disappoint some of the fans that wanted to see him wrestle in a WWE ring. I personally am pleased that we are not going to see Taker Vs Sting, Because it's a dream match. In our head it's meant to be the most beautiful thing, if we give that to WWE and they do it. they'll mess it up, So it's best to just keep it a dream. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Yet again to keep people's hopes us they say some WWE officials not all but some don't see him signing. . so maybe this could be just a thing to push away the hardcore fans from the idea and surprise them later on.
  3. Yeah Idk why he would leave TNA, the new contract must've been nowhere close to what he wanted or something.
    I would like to see him as a figure in the WWE I think it would add some excitement to it for sure, I just hope they pay him well enough to the point where as you say he isn't completely abused.
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  4. The novelty of Sting vs Taker has worn off for a good portion of both the fans and the creative team. I don't think creative wants to see a 49 year old and a 54 year old in the ring. If he acted like an authority figure. It would be utterly pointless, especially as a GM. Look at Vickie and Maddox, they do absolutely nothing because of the whole Authority thing. There's no sense in just selling his merch, he won't be a draw to younger fans unless WWE decides to actually showcase him in some way, which doesn't look like it's happening unless there's an HOF induction.
  5. It would be beneficial for WWE to sign him because as the article states, he is the "last piece of the WCW puzzle" He would be essential to the marketing of the WWE Network's WCW content... him, Ric Flair, and Booker T in a commercial together promoting WCW would definitely get more sales. Plus, the fact that he can actually wrestle a couple more matches if they want him to is a great thing.. have him come out on Old School RAW once a year... possibly a Legends match on a random PPV.

    About him leaving TNA... well.. the captain is the only one who is supposed to go down with the ship.. everyone else jumps on lifeboats and haul ass.. if they are smart. Thus the reason AJ Styles left.. the reason Jeff Jarrett left.. the reason Sting left.. and the reason Kurt Angle will be leaving soon.
  6. wwe is going to botch this so fucking badly.
  7. So it sounds like they don't see Sting and Hogan as huge stars in 2014. Huh.

    Idk, just wanted to bump BLFFL's garbage off the main page.
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  8. Maybe its a highly lucrative deal with him getting a good cut of merchandise profits? As a guy who will be nearing retirement he's maybe looking for one last big payday to set him and his family up for life.
  9. I could see this aswell, its not like hes going to be doing a real last run in the E.
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  10. So no news?
  11. So no news?
  12. But he rejected multiple matches with Taker at Wrestlemania; that's a guaranteed pay day and a big one at that.
  13. Thats true but maybe then he had no retirement day in mind where now he does so is looking for that final pay off. Plus with a merch deal as long as WWE sell it thats a steady stream of income retired or not.
  14. I wouldn't see signing him as a priority either. His best days have already gone by and the novelty of seeing him in a WWE ring will likely wear off pretty fast. He really wasted a golden opportunity imo to do so much more and give the fans so much more by refusing to jump to WWF in 2001 or soon after. That said, they can still get something out of him. He could definitely be used to promote the WCW portion of their Network, they can finally release a huge DVD set and documentary of Sting and his career (one that has him on there taking about his life and career personally) and they can also make money off of him in merchandising as well. WCW used to sell Sting masks and given that masks are always a huge seller in WWE (Kane, Mysterio, Sin Cara, etc.), that's one surefire way to generate a lot of income for both him and the WWE. So he's still an asset in some ways. Here's a pic of the old Sting masks (tell me you can't picture a lot of people in the crowd wearing these):
    Show Spoiler

    Also, who says we aren't getting Sting/Undertaker? This report just seems to indicate that we're not getting it this year, which should be pretty obvious anyway. If Sting is going into the HOF next year, then it could be similar to Ric Flair's retirement where he gets inducted into the HOF the night before his Wrestlemania match where everyone already knows ahead of time that it'll be his final match. Just have Sting announce his retirement and have him also announce with it that he's challenging the streak as a way of going out with a bang.

    (I'm still predicting Sting is given the WWE Championship at some point as well. It seems like such an obvious thing to do.)
  15. Sting vs Taker wouldn't be the main event, for as long as Brock and Rock are scheduled to be at Mania 31, you can bet your house one of those 2 are in the main event. If Sting does sign, I do see them doing the match at 31. The only chance they'd get to close the show would be if Taker was retiring. Otherwise there's no chance.
  16. Rock has said he is going to do WM31 and is rumoured to face Lesnar there. Rock v Brock, careers on the line. :gusta:
  17. Btw, fuck Sting coming to WWE.
  18. Also, Taker is rumoured to be retiring at WM32, as the event is in Texas, where he was born and lives. Cena will get the last shot, I'm sure.
  19. That's what I also believe. But then again, THAT close to making it to 25-0? I could see him going one more match and maybe putting someone over big and letting them end the streak at WM33. All depends on who could be ready for that sort of mega push by then. A lot can happen in three years.
  20. If he does face Lesnar this year though, I can see it being his last match. Lesnar will fuck him up so bad. After the last few months, Bray Wyatt has convinced me that he deserves a Streak match this year.
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