Latest On Brock Lesnar’s Next Match,

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  1. Source: PWInsider
  2. He probably will be a part of the traditional 5 tag matches or something else. But who else does he have to face? Randy? Big Show?
  3. I heard a rumor that Lesnar will face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29
  4. That's most likely going to happen but thts at WM
  5. :eww: i dont think he'd be a part of the tag team match. he will probably be vs HHH again if he's on the card.
  6. I wonder who he will fight at Survivor Series???

    Glad hes still got alot of dates left the more the better
  7. He'll fight HHH again.
  8. It will be a submission match as well... Kimura vs Hells Gate
  9. Would have been much better if Cena didn't beat Brock for a Brock/Taker match. Brock going over Cena, HHH and then going to face Taker actually makes people question the streak. Though, if it's booked as Cena/Taker for WM 30 which I expect it to be then it's okay I guess.
  10. I feel that this whole Brock thing is a potential waste. So much more could be done to spice up the WWE.
  11. Time for Triple H vs Brock Lesnar to be put on hold, until Triple H gets his arm fixed, then expect a rematch at Survivor Series in which Triple H will win most likely.
  12. HHH should lose again
  13. If he wrestles at SS then it'll be vs HHH, I think.
  14. Agreed. Lesnar being brought back in a WWE vs Rebels storyline would have been fucking amazing.
  15. Yeah, Brock was wasted. The storylines/matches with Cena and HHH were good but no use at all and he just leaves after them. Not the right way to use him.
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    Supposedly i heard taker/cena at wm, stone cold/punk wm, maybe rock/lesnar idk though
  17. I don't know who he's going to Wrestle, but I can guarantee you that this years WrestleMania is going to get more buy rates than last year.
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    This is true!! :emoji_grin:

  19. how many you think it will sell? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  20. Depends on the line up. Rock vs Cena II along with Taker vs Lesnar and maybe one more big main event could get the marks to buy, yeah.