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    As noted, Roman Reigns is being advertised for the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble and is penciled in for a return to the ring in late December or early January. Reigns is now being advertised for the December 26th WWE live event in Chicago and the December 28th live event in Pittsburgh. He’s scheduled to face Kane. This is the first match Reigns has been advertised for since having emergency surgery in September for a hernia.​

    Source: PWMania
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  2. He would of been Awesome if he was back and for team cena
  3. When he returns be better use more than 4 moves in his matches.
  4. Hopefully he will have improved a lot on the mic by then... which judging by the two recent interviews he's done via satellite lately, he hasn't.

    I'm not a Reigns hater, but he just isn't gonna be ready to headline Wrestlemania and fight Brock Lesnar by the time March gets here. Their original goal was to have him feud with Triple H so that Hunter could help make him look like a star by the time he even won the Rumble, but at this rate, that feud will be forced to happen later and Reigns will be going into the Rumble pretty cold. They'd have to do some really magical booking to make him look like he's ready in such a small time. It's not impossible since they accomplished that same thing with Batista in early 2005 (he went from being a plain midcarder to being the #2 over babyface in the company within a few months, and him vs HHH at Wrestlemania 21 earned more than a million buys, in case anyone wants to question the success of that feud), but I don't foresee that same thing happening here with Reigns.
  5. Can't wait to see little Cena back. :woohoo:
  6. I would assume he'll have spent most of his away time working on his mic skills, and hopefully he can work on doing more than the 5 moves he gets to do in his matches. Honestly, they could have spent all of Reigns' down time on improving Cesaro (who could be put with Heyman again) during these RAWs and building him up to fight Lesnar at WM30 - instead they're apparently going to bank on a guy who isn't even in the top 10 of WWE's wrestlers and who is nowhere near ready to beat Lesnar coming off a big injury.
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  7. Amen. You nailed it 100%.
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  8. Cena vs brock now that's a big chance for cena but like I said 3ed time is a charm
  9. Worst fucking idea ever
  10. I'm not sure building Cesaro would work much better than building Reigns, if we're talking about being seen as a main eventer.
  11. I dunno if building Cesaro for ME scene would work better than building Reigns... But I'd take Cesaro over Reigns any day.

    Cesaro/Wyatt would've been in the ME if Bryan wasn't injured, imo.
  12. Well, yes, it's why I specified it was about card placement/star power, so to speak. Talent is another story, and overall, yeah, Cesaro's better atm. I'm not sure Bryan's presence would elevate Wyatt and Cesaro, though. How would that work?
  13. IIRC, I think Bryan's talked about possible matches with Cesaro and Wyatt if he was still champion, (the interviews happened some time after his injury). He also said he'd love a match with Lesnar.
  14. I wouldn't ignore the possibility of a Ryback/Goldberg type build.
    Suppose Reigns comes back in December and proceeds to squash jobbers, possibly two at a time.
    If he continued this on each broadcast, it would build him as an indestructible force on a mission.
    He can win the Rumble, but instead of feuding with Triple H, he continues to squash jabronis.
    If he defeated Triple H too soon, people would see right through that as typical WWE bullsh*t.

    However, if he gets support the way Ryback/Goldberg did, he will have earned it physically, not politically. Once he defeats Lesnar then he can feud with HHH.
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  15. Best case scenario... WWE pulls their heads out of their asses (which they prolly won't) and let Ambrose or Bryan (he's not gonna be back by the Rumble, but fuck it, one can dream) and actually push more talented guys than Reigns. What are the chances of that?
  16. Plenty, if the lunatic fringe can start a 'Brose movement (without the hand gestures, of course).
    Though Triple H, Edge, Austin and Batista turned heel shortly after winning the Rumble, this can easily be avoided if Reigns isn't booked so obviously.
  17. Could've put on some entertaining matches. Wyatt I'm not sure would've benefitted much in the sense that he's back in the ME so no problem there, plus maybe they had that Jericho program penciled in already or something, I don't know. Wyatt may have been busy but Cesaro does sound like a possibility. I'm sure he would've been the one to drop to Brock at SS, though.
  18. In this case, if he won the Rumble, Ambrose wouldn't be turning heel 'cause Bork would be keeping the title till Mania. This is something that I've been thinking about... Ambrose defeats Lesnar in an outstanding match, but then Rollins cashes in. I mean, they've never done that. Nobody's ever cashed in MITB at WM. Ambrose winning the Rumble and defeating Bork at Mania is prolly not happening, but hey, one can dream...
  19. Yeah, I was just implying that if he wasn't injured, we would've gotten some quality matches/programme with those guys.

    Of course DBry would be dropping it to Lesnar at SummerSlam, not in the Cena fashion, but it'd have been a nice 5 month reign for DBry.
  20. Yeah.