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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Can a serious Zack Ryder go far?
  2. I'd hope so. Not into that hairdo but it's about the same deal. Get him a new theme or put him over someone high up. Fans love him, and i want to see him in a midcard title scene.
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  3. Lol'd @ Justin Robert's tweet.

    I actually think this could work. Fans could get behind him even more with this "push me faggot" gimmick.
  4. :meh: Don't think this will change a thing. His 15 minutes are up, I don't think too many people care anymore.
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  5. As always i agree to disagree. Look to a few months ago when they went to his home and kept him off RAW, they cheered for him loud as hell. People want him, Vince is just an asshole. I honestly hope he goes TNA, i'd love him in the TV title matches.

    I'm a fan for sure, he is quality all around, WWE just isn't using him right.
  6. Never got the fascination with him. To me he's like Fandango, he might be a decent wrestler but his shit gimmick makes me uninterested.
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  7. He is so over because he sells a really shitty gimmick well. He jobs like Swag but is much greater on the mic. Internet champion, youtube sensation, give the man credit. Even fandango went over Jericho, Ryder is over and jobbing the few times he even gets on tv.
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  8. Cheesy gimmicks > > > Super Babyfaces/Weak cowardly heels
    Might just be me, but I like cheesy characters from time to time. Hell, I was one of the few who liked Tensai and Fandango from the start.

    Though, I'm not a fan of Ryder's Jersey Shore - esque gimmick (and not a fan of him in general) , but that's partly why I think this gimmick change could be a good thing. I can definitely see the fans getting behind him. He could cut a promo explaining how WWE has shit all over him, he then would be seen as some sort of underdog type character.
    Even if he's not as over as he was and this turns out to be a complete bust, he can just go back to jobbing at house shows. Don't see the problem with him having a character change and trying something new.
  9. Well, I could see it going somewhere if they really don't want to push him with his previous gimmick.
  10. It's interesting to see how this will go, at least it's better than not seeing at all.
  11. Seems like if he goes towards a serious gimmick, they might heel turn him soon. Either way, I think it would be better if he were a more serious character. He can even be more aggressive, and do more top rope moves, or more submission moves to add something unique to him. Of course I think he should slowly get his rise to TV, by possibly beating Kofi, or at least have them in a actual feud if he goes heel, or have him feud with Barrett, since Wade needs to get out of the midcard already, and I think Ryder would be a good choice to do so.
  12. :hmm: interesting. I'm a Ryder fan, and I really haven't minded his gimmick. Kinda' cheesy but cute-ish. So in some ways it could be annoying after a while, but ultimately it didn't bother me much, and I still liked Ryder regardless. I think him taking on a more serious gimmick could be interesting. Hopefully it won't hurt him, but I don't much think it would. If anything maybe he'd lose some of his younger fanbase, but some of them would like him anyway, and this would give him the opportunity to possibly attract more fans who haven't liked him previously because of his cheesy gimmick. I could see it being a positive for him. Regardless of gimmick choice, if they don't utilize him properly it won't matter much.
  13. Ryder for the WWE title! He looks like Swagger tbh, maybe he'll turn heel
  14. Saying that when i saw him on Tuesday, he was like that too. Alot more serious than usual :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:! still think he's a boss and can't wait to see if he gets pushed.
  15. Better than his whiny gimmick about not being pushed.
  16. Ryder deserves a push after his self-made success. Many fans love him and I could see him continuing to get lots of support from the WWE Universe. I've felt bad for him that Vince has never utilized him properly so hopefully this is a hint at better things to come for him.
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  17. Zack Ryder, you poor bastard. This will go far depending on how much the WWE crowd will eat this. I doubt his heel playing abilities though.
  18. I don't care if Ryder chnages his gimmick, as long as he gets a push. I think he should work on his mic skills though otherwise I won't be able to take him seriously after his first gimmick
  19. Never liked his gimmick it was annoying as hell. Hope they change it for the better and he loses that crap hair cut.
  20. Lol they finally gave him a new gimmick? wow.