Latest Update On A-Train Returning To WWE, To Feud With Top Star?

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  1. Matthew Bloom, who previously wrestled as Prince Albert, Albert and A-Train for WWE, denied on Twitter on Saturday that he has signed a contract to return to the promotion after WrestleMania XXVIII as he will be appearing for New Japan Pro Wrestling on their next tour. He also said that he does not know how the rumor got started, calling it "comical." Regarding the rumor, four WWE sources have said within the past week that he is returning to the organization, with one saying it has been assumed for two months that is was happening. Furthermore, numerous WWE performers were talking about his pending return at Friday's live event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada after being informed by management of the news.

    A source close to creative says he is set for "a big push" upon his return to WWE programming in April as a villainous henchman for Raw Interim General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. reported that there has been talk of Bloom feuding with John Cena since the Raw Superstar does not have a post-WrestleMania XXVIII program in place at the moment. However, the note of Bloom possibly feuding with Cena has since been deleted.

    Bloom, who will turn 40 years old in November, previously competed for WWE from 1999 to 2004 as a mid-card wrestler. He tore his rotator cuff in June 2004 and was released from his contract before returning from the injury. He would go on to achieve greater success in Japan as Giant Bernard in a tag team partnership with Karl Anderson.

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  2. Ugh, I don't care if he's a henchman but I don't want him getting pushed or being involved in any personal feud, and I especially don't want him to be the guy Ace is texting.
  3. He can probably work the monster role better than most others, the only downside is his age now a days.
  4. I remember having an awkward conversation with my Dad when I was about 9 years old about what exactly a 'Prince Albert' was
  5. I don't think Johnny Ace texting has a big mystery behind it, he's just texting michael cole.
  6. I was shocked too! lol:lol1:
  7. :laugh:

    It will most likely end in the same fate as the Anonymous GM.
  8. It could be a decent way to reveal the GM tbh, as Ace being his puppet.
  9. Well, I like a monster role for A-Train..
    Why wouldn't they do it? Would be a good thing but not if Brock comes back after WM.
  10. I don't see why johnny ace texting has to be a storyline. He's just a popular guy who gets a lot of texts, probably from different hoes that he has lined up from city to city
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  11. Nice one dude:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. I think the rumor is true. Of course he denies it, but so did Jericho earlier this year.
  13. Undecided whether I'm happy about this or not not sure we need another big guy at the minute!
  14. I like the big guy thing tbh. Not big like Show or Henry, but Goldberg, Lesnar, HHH alike.
  15. I do and I don't I just feel like theres a lot of big guys at the minute I'd rather see a few smaller guys and a few high flyers just for a bit of a change of pace everynow and then! But I loved Goldberg and Lesnar so I dont dislike big guys just think we have a lot of them at the minute.
  16. No flame here, but can you name the one's who are big guys to you in WWE today?

  17. LOL no worries mate Show, Brodus, Otunga, Jackson, Khali, Henry, Ryan, Kane, Taker, Shemus, HHH are all the ones I'd call big either due to height or how ripped they are u may disagree fair enuf jus my opinion. And I know thats only 11 but we see a few of them week in week out I just think we need a few more high flyers in the mix.
  18. I would name Otunga, Jackson, Ryan, Kane, Taker, Sheamus and HHH out of them.
    But yeah I was talking about the ripped guys, hahaha.
    If we could build a ripped guy, but who is flexible and could so some flying.

    That, would be cool!
  19. Totally theres nothing wrong with them being so ripped it's just sometimes I miss the high flying days of the Hardys and ppl like that it just changes the pace up a little.
  20. Hardy's were crazy back in the day.
    Also liked Umaga flying around. Loved him.