LDB vs Grammarnazi

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  1. The unproven female star vs the older, wiser, near MotM winning female member of the forums for Feb 2013.

    Lady Deathbane vs Grammarnazi82 Winner gets the female title, and most likely will face that chick in the tag team division soon after.

    Date :hasnt been set.

    Time: none of your business

    Stipiulation/s : God knows.

    Lets get it on.
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  2. LGBT vs Grammarnazi

    "That chick" has a name. It's Victoria Parker and it would be wise that you commit that to memory. This match-up is of great interest to me since I need to know which opponent I'll be destroying in the near future. Girls, don't keep me waiting - my time is very valuable.
  3. LGBT vs Grammarnazi

    Way to sell the match Aids
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  4. LGBT vs Grammarnazi

    So Deathbane is Lesbian Gay Bi and Transexual rights?
  5. RE: LGBT vs Grammarnazi

    :obama: Thanks, i gave it 110%. Assumed it would be filled in by LDB or GN, i just cash the check.
  6. RE: LGBT vs Grammarnazi

    :lol1: I'm checking about getting this underway either today or next Friday, so we'll see.