Leaders of the Eras

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Whats Your Favorite Era?

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  1. Regional Era

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  2. Garden Era

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  3. Post Garden Era

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  4. The Golden Era

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  5. Post Hogan Era

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  6. New Generation

  7. Attitude Era

  8. Ruthless Aggression Era

  9. Post Ruthless Aggresion Era

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  10. PG Era

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    Regional Era- Buddy Rodgers (1950s-1960s)
    The Garden Era- Bruno Sammartino (1970s)
    Post Garden Era- Billy Graham/Bob Backlund (1970s)
    Golden Era- Hulk Hogan (1980s)
    Post Hogan Era- Ultimate Warrior (1990-1991)
    New Generation Era- Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart (1994-1997)
    Attitude Era- Steve Austin/ The Rock (1997-2001)
    Ruthless Aggression Era- Brock Lesnar/ HHH (2002-2004)
    Post Ruthless Aggression Era- John Cena/Batista (2005-2008)
    PG Era- John Cena (2008-Present)
    What Will 2014 Hold? Time Will Tell..........
  2. I think John Cena will be the leader in 2014 still, they are still making their new star. I'm thinking Roman Reigns will be the next top dog.
  3. Nothing new will happen in 2014 as far as who the face of the company is. I don't mean Cena will have the title all year (or maybe even at all) but no one's gonna come in and suddenly dispute his standing as the company's biggest overall star. Maybe someone will at least breakout into the main event themselves (possibly Reigns) but no way to know until it actually happens.

    Btw, Bret Hart should be right beside Shawn Michaels as far as leader of the New Generation goes.
  4. It's weird how all the family friendly eras has steroid freaks as their stars
  5. I'd say same with The Rock beside Austin as the leaders of the Attitude era
  6. They didn't really look into that and also, the whole vision that Vince saw was, "Bigger Than Life Superstars".
  7. I feel that they actually don't use steroids..... I feel that they use weights.
  8. I voted for PG Era because I like the newer talent dawgs.
  9. [​IMG]

    No love for Too Cool in the Attitude Era? I mean shit look at these lame ass rednecks. They are locker room leaders!
  10. I was an AE kid so thats my era. The Rock, SCSA, HHH running wild on my screens.

    As for the future I'd say we got to be looking at people like Big E and Reigns as future stars who could be carrying the company.