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    Precision World Heavyweight Championship History
    Current Champion
    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic (Since 24th April)

    Previous Champions
    Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh (26th March - 24th April)
    Ryan Blake @TheFrostyBlur (29th January - 26th March)
    Mike Thunder @Mike Thunder (3rd January - 29th January)
    Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 (2nd October - 3rd January)

    Precision Championship History
    On the 25th of June, the Precision Championship was unified with the World Heavyweight Championship.
    Previous Champions
    Jack Rogue @Geek773 (26th March - 25th June)

    Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 12th February - 26th March)
    Karl Senn
    @Voin (29th January - 12th February)

    Intercontinental Championship History
    Current Champion
    Joseph Diamond @CiV (Since 6th March)

    Previous Champions
    The Golden Dragon @Apex (26th February - 6th March)

    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic (29th January - 26th February)
    Jason St. Pierre @Gino Bambino (4th December - 29th January)
    Jack Rogue @Geek773 (2nd October - 4th December)

    Survival Championship History
    Current Champion
    Spencer Hyde @Reborn (since 3rd June)

    Previous Champions
    Chris Young @impactking (24th April - 3rd June)
    Michael Kelly @M Kells (12th March - 24th April
    Scorpio @DeathLock75 (24th December - 12th March)

    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic (12th November - 20th December)


    Forum Name / PSN
    Gino Bambino / GManiac101
    impactking / impactking09
    TheKingSonic / sonicrules471
    CiV / TheOneAndLonelyCiV
    Geek773 / francophile13
    Electro / JackCharlHD
    Averous / RJayster
    BruddaNero / BruddaNero
    Reborn / ratedreborn

    The Anarchist / RusevWillCrush69