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    World Heavyweight Championship History

    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic (Since 24th April)
    Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh (26th March - 24th April)
    Ryan Blake @TheFrostyBlur (29th January - 26th March)
    Mike Thunder @Mike Thunder (3rd January - 29th January)
    Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 (2nd October - 3rd January)

    Precision Championship History

    Jack Rogue @Geek773 (Since 26th March)
    Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97 12th February - 26th March)
    Karl Senn @Voin (29th January - 12th

    Intercontinental Championship History
    Joseph Diamond @CiV (Since 6th March)
    The Golden Dragon @Apex (26th February - 6th March)
    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic (29th January - 26th
    Jason St. Pierre @Gino Bambino (4th December - 29th January)
    Jack Rogue @Geek773 (2nd October - 4th December)

    Survival Championship History

    Chris Young @impactking (Since 24th April)
    Michael Kelly @M Kells (12th March - 24th April)
    Scorpio @DeathLock75 (24th December - 12th March)

    Will Neilson @TheKingSonic (12th November - 20th December)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    World Tag Team Championships History

    Yuri Williamson @TheKingSonic and Gabriel Kirkshaw @HoovinandGroovin (3rd January - 2nd April)

    Roster (White for Active, Red for Inactive.)

    People who don't sign up/promo for 3 weeks will be considered inactive, if they sign up or do a promo they will be considered active. This isn't to cause arguments, but it just helps me out when deciding potential challengers for titles, and if to place you on The Hierarchy. :)
    Forum Name / PSN
    Frosty / TheFrostyBlur
    SupaHeeroh / YIEILILOW
    Welsh-Wizard-97 / WeLsH-WiZaRd-97

    Gino Bambino / GManiac101
    AfricanScatMahn / Scatmanmingying

    impactking / impactking09
    TheKingSonic / sonicrules471
    CiV / TheOneAndLonelyCiV
    Geek773 / francophile13

    Awesomenrh / Awesomenrh
    Electro / JackCharl
    The Anarchist / RusevWillCrush69
    Solarxpixel / TheMokkilox
    HoovinandGroovin / Goof-Fu
    Indy / JANxGEIT

    Crazykillerv1 / crazykillerv1
    Sam?! / Sam_Bazinga
    james chaos / bonenugget99
    HaroGames / HaroGamesUT
    DeathLock75 / DeathLock742
    Apex / ApexWarrior75
    Voin / Voinn711
    Mr. Thunder / ApexWarrior75
    Mike Awesome / TBA
    tsbrat1968 / tsbrat1968

    Wardi_12 / Wardi_12
    MainEventPlaya / MainEventPlay244
    James the Kidd / JamestheKidd18

    M Kells / Hi_Im_Wasted
    Averous / RJayster

    RaiD0K3N / Infected_Soul20
    LunaAssassin / LunaAssassin

    WhisperInTheWind / SeaPNinja
    TalentLikeME / TalentLikeME
    Lord Wolf / CONAN2610
    TheKingSlayer / DaKingSlaya

    Stats (not updated)
    Frosty 5/0
    Welsh-Wizard-97 4/3
    Gino Bambino 9/3
    impactking 4/8
    TheKingSonic 10/6/1
    CiV 3/9/1
    Geek773 8/8
    Awesomenrh 1/3
    The Anarchist 1/1
    Solarxpixel 2/1/1
    Crazykillerv1 6/7
    Indy 0/1
    HoovinandGroovin 0/2/1
    Sam?! 4/3
    James Chaos 0/3
    Mr. Thunder 0/4/1
    Voin 8/1/1
    DeathLock75 4/3
    Mike Awesome 0/1
    Apex 6/1
    Mike Thunder 1/3
    MainEventPlaya 2/1
    Electro 0/2
    SupaHeeroh 2/3
    HaroGames 1/3
    James The Kidd 1/3

    M Kells 1/3/1
    Ziggity 1/2/1
    RaiD0K3N 1/0
    LunaAssassin 0/2

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