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    Welcome to the official WWEFORUMS Xbox One League!

    Exodus copy.png

    This is a competitive league, but if you would rather plan out a match or make a rivalry that is fine as long as your opponent is also fine with it.

    The Rules
    • This league is 100% CAW based. When you play your matches in the league, you must use a CAW version of the character you are using.
    Stats and Abilities
    • Your CAW overall must be 88 or below.
    • Reversal stat must be 85.
    • Momentum stat must be 80.
    • Stamina Recovery stat must be 75.
    • Pin Escape stat must be 80.
    • No stat can be under 60.
    • All stats must be realistic to your CAW. If you are unsure, send me a message.
    • You MUST USE 2 LVL 3, 2 LVL 2 and 1 LVL 1 abilities ONLY. No more, no less.
    • Pin Combo is banned.
    • Diving Pin Combo is banned.
    • Dirty Pin is banned.
    • You can only use Ring Escape at LVL 1 or 2.
    • You can only use Resiliency at LVL 1 or 3.
    • You can use any skills you want as long as they are realistic to your CAW.
    • Hit Point Ratio - Noting above 30% and nothing under 20%.
    • You cannot end a match using a submission finisher.
    • You can use submissions to ware down an opponent, but not to end a match.
    • You cannot pin straight from a submission move.
    • No spamming moves at all.
    • No stalling. If you grab an opponent then wait longer than 2 seconds before hitting a move, that is considered stalling. If you use a wakeup taunt and after the opponent is on their feet you wait longer than 2 seconds before hitting your finisher, that is stalling. Anything under 2 seconds is fine.
    Tag Team Matches
    • You can only enter the ring when you aren't the legal man to break up a pin.
    • You must stay in your corner when you aren't the legal man.
    • You cannot jump down to ringside just as your partner is about to be pinned so that you have an advantage of getting in the ring to break up a pin.
    • Your team is only allowed to break up a pin fall attempt twice. If you or your team mate is being pinned, you can break up the pinfall twice, if you are being pinned after your partner has already broke up a pin twice, they cannot enter the ring to break up the pin attempt. This is a team total of 2 pin breakups, not two breakups for each person on the team.
    • Do not start, provoke or get involved in arguments. If you do, you will receive a strike.
    No Showing
    • If you are booked for a match and don't show up for it, unless you inform me why before hand you will receive a strike.
    How To Get Booked
    • Every Sunday night a thread will be posted asking who wants a match for the following weekend. Sign up in that thread to get a match.
    • The thread will be open from Sunday after the previous weeks' results thread goes up until Monday night.
    • On Monday night the sign up thread will be locked and I will create a match card for the week.
    Interrupting Threads
    • Do not jump into someones promo thread without asking them first. Doing this could receive a strike.
    • Do not post OOC comments in peoples threads. This is what the OOC thread is for.
    • If you want to give someone feedback on their promo, leave it in the Feedback thread, not their promo thread.
    • Champions will need to defend their titles at least once per month. The World Heavyweight Champion will defend their championship at each PPV.
    • The minor championships can be defended on any show.
    • Champions who lose their championships will not receive an automatic rematch. We do not want the same two people feuding for a belt over and over again. If you lose a championship/championship match you will be back at the bottom of the list and you will need to build up wins to receive another shot.
    • You cannot drop the Intercontinental Championship to have a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.
    • You cannot hold more than one championship at a time.
    • If you drop a title for any reason (other than the Iron Man Championship after winning 3 or 5 defences), you will not be on the next two shows.
    • The Iron Man Championship will be defended each week.
    • If you win 3 title defences with the Iron Man Championship, you can drop the belt for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship the following week, if you want to test your luck and defend it 5 times you can drop the belt for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the following PPV.
    • Iron Man Championship matches must end with a definitive winner, if there is a draw you play again.
    • It is advised to record your league matches. You don't have to, but you can if you want. It makes storytelling a lot better when others can actually see the match you had.
    • The arena we will be using for this league is the WWE Superstars arena. If you do record your matches, record them using this arena.

    • You must finish a match with a finisher unless decided between the people involved in a match that you don't need to.
    • You cannot join the league just to be a manager. If you sign up, you MUST be able to play matches.
    • Your opponent must have an orange body part before going for a pin.
    • Everyone in the league is equal. Defeating someone new who just joins is just as good as defeating someone with an undefeated record. To get championship matches you need wins, the person/people you beat does not matter. The exception to this being beating the same person week after week. If you are involved in a feud and defeat the same person four weeks in a row you will not receive a championship match. If you defeat four different people in a row you are more likely to receive a shot.
    • You will receive a strike if you sign up for a match and don't cut any promos that week. You must do at least 1 promo a week when booked.
    • If you want a stipulation in a match, ask me first before writing a promo around a stipulation being added to your match.
    • Make your movesets realistic. Don't set each and every move as a finishing move and dont go too over the top. Bigger guys shouldn't be doing 450 splashes and smaller guys shouldn't be doing Muscle Busters.
    • If you do not follow any of the rules listed you will receive a strike.
    • Strike 1 - You will not compete on the weeks card.
    • Strike 2 - You will not compete for 2 weeks.
    • Strike 3 - You will be banned from the league.
    • If you receive a strike and continue to disobey the rules/complain you will be banned from the league.

    Sign Up
    Your signup should be an introduction to your character only. Nothing more than that.
    I will comment back on all signups to let you know whether or not you are accepted into the league.

    Matches will always take place between Friday and Sunday. If you know you cant be available between then, don't sign up.

    You should use 3 different colours in your promos.
    1 colour for actions, 1 colour for names and 1 colour for speech.

    Signup Template:
    Tag @SupaHeeroh in your post
    Name: Forum Name (NOT CAW NAME)
    Gamertag: (Gamertag)
    Character Name: (CAW Name)
    Face/Heel: (Good/Bad)

    Opening Promo: If your opening promo takes more than 1 minute to read, it's too long. This is an introduction to yourself. That's all. The promo you write has no effect to your character in the league as this is just a closed introduction, no-one in character will know about it.

    Example Signup:
    Name: SupaHeeroh
    Gamertag: SupaHeeroh
    Character Name: The Amazing H
    Face/Heel: Face

    Opening Promo:

    The Amazing H: Well, well, well! Little ol' Hammett has came a long way from his days wrestling in front of a couple hundred people and somehow ended up here, in Exodus...
    *The Amazing H slicks his hair back.*
    The Amazing H: Let me introduce myself. My name is The Amazing H. *H smiles.* I'll be your friendly neighbourhood ass-kicker, part time clown wannabe and full time leg breaker. I can't wait to show all of you wonderful people EXACTLY what I can do. Are you ready for me? I've been waiting a long, long time for this.

    That's roughly how long your sign up promo should be. It shouldn't be much longer than that and you need to stick to the point. This is an introduction, not a life story. Once you sign up and have been accepted you can cut promos describing your character in more depth.

    Lastly, have fun!
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  2. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: Papa Franku's ear (I was much wrestling such yes on TWF)
    Gamertag: q67 LIVERPOOL
    Character Name: Ben Song
    Face/Heel: Heel

    Opening Promo:
    *Camera pans to Ben Song sitting in his throne with 'The Webmaster' and 'Reaper' standing on either side*
    Ben Song: We heard of a new haven for wrestlers and fighters all around to come together. EXODUS. though I didn't like the name and I still don't, I believe the three of us *Ben Song gestures to 'Reaper' and 'The Webmaster'* and you the Disciples deserve to have another swing at taking over a company and causing it to go up in flames.
    *Ben Song stands up from his throne*
    Ben Song: To all the wrestlers I may have encountered before you already know that I am a force of nature not to be reckoned with. And to those who have never had the pleasure of meeting Beelzebub's brother, you better watch were you tread and mind what you say because the Disciples are a force unknown to you and it's probably best to keep it that way.
    *Ben Song sits down in his throne and begins to laugh with the rest of the disciples as the camera fades to black*
  3. Welcome to the league!
  4. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: Jet Starr
    Gamertag: JetStarr13
    Character Name: Caleb Hayes
    Face/Heel: Face

    Opening Promo:
    A man in a dirty tank-top, dark colored jeans, western looking boots and a long sleeveless jacket, sits in a rocking chair with only the cross around his neck shining in the dim light. His long hair and beard lend to his filthy, disheveled look.
    Caleb: Night and day.
    Caleb pushes his foot off the floor, now rocking his chair.
    Caleb: I've wandered. Alone. Night and day.
    Caleb reaches down, picking up the source of light in the room, his lantern (Side note, blame the game for only having the lantern as a lighting prop) that always accompanies him.
    Caleb: The constants remain...the heavens above....the guiding stars...my word...my light...and my mind.
    Caleb stands up from his rocking chair, blowing out the lantern. His silhouette can be seen in the dark.
    Caleb: Heed my words. This world, hell. This place, in need. Me, the Lone Wanderer...I, Caleb Hayes, am here.
    Night...and day.

    Caleb walks off, the camera focusing on his rocking chair.
  5. Welcome to the league!
  6. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: Randy Borton
    Gamertag: Randy Borton
    Character Name: Randy Borton
    Face/Heel: Face

    Opening Promo:

    *Camera pans to a man sitting on a chair next to a table that has bunch of milk cartons all over the place, the man then notices the camera*

    Randy Borton: Hello there! I'm just drinking these milk, boy do I love milk. Hey cameraman, want one? You good? Alright, well my name is Randy Borton, I was born and raised in Canada. I been wanting to wrestle ever since I was a little kid. Now you must be thinking, why on earth does this guy have a bunch of milk cartons around and why does he drink a lot of it. The reason is, milk makes me strong as I can be, with each carton of milk I drink, I become stronger and stronger, that's one reason why people don't mess with me, and the other is I beat people up who take my milk but that besides the point. The point is, I'm ready to go at it, but are you ready for the Milkman, Randy Borton?
  7. Welcome to the league!
  8. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: InFaMoUs1
    Gamertag: xWFExiNfAmOu5
    Character Name: JJ Colton
    Face/Heel: Face

    Opening promo:

    *JJ Colton opens a door and enters a empty room, he turns the lights on and his sister walks into the room with him*
    JJ Colton: Ok, is the camera ready?
    Colton's sister: Yes.
    JJ Colton: Ok.
    *Colton puts down a chair and sits down*
    Colton's sister: Ok, in 5...4...3,
    *Colton is closing his eyes and looks down, he's trying to think of the words he wanna say to the camera*
    Colton's sister: 2...1,
    *Colton's sister points at him*
    JJ Colton: My name is JJ Colton, and I heard that there is a wrestling show called EXODUS, I heard that there is gonna be competitors from all over the world that wants to make a name for themselves and to tell you, I'm one of those guys. There will be guys who wants to go out and entertain the crowd and always listen to them, there will be guys who just want to be a main event player, there will also be guys that wants to win the big gold. But for me, my goal is to become the best, and if I wanna become the best then I had to beat the best, it doesn't matter who I get into the ring with all they gotta know is when I get in there, I will do anything I can to get the job done and once I get to the top I will bring everyone with me. So EXODUS, once I make my debut then I will make an impact and I'll be the star that you will remember for a very long time.
    Colton's sister: Ok, we're done.
    JJ Colton: Awesome, thanks big sis.
    *Colton stands up and leaves the room with his sister*
  9. Welcome to the league!
  10. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: Hybrid
    Gamertag: Hybrid Maniac
    Character Name: Luis Alvarado
    Face/Heel: Heel

    *The camera pans from up from Luis's feet as sparkles begin to fall the camera then stops on the back of Luis's head*
    Luis Alvarado: Hola mi peons.
    *Luis turns towards the camera*
    Luis Alvarado: It is I, Señor Alvarado former Luchadore Extraordinaire with the perfect derriere turned fashion model, actor, and spokesperson while still retaining this luscious posterior. From head to toe I am a beaut. Y mis habilidades de lucha son enormes.
    Basically speaking. . . I'm the all in one package. Looks that pay the bills and the skill for you to shill. So if you want an autograph I wouldn't blame you but don't be surprised if I run dry.
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  11. Welcome to the league!
  12. Name: SupernaturalJag
    Gametag: MrDrProfJag
    Character Name: Richie Sixx
    Face/Heel: Face
    Richie Sixx: Do you see me? I am the personification of Beauty. I am the prettiest thing to ever grace a professional wrestling ring. My jaw, so perfect not even God could form it better. My washboard abs, never duplicated. You cannot be Richie Sixx.
    *Two stereotypical blondes with obvious plastic surgery enter the frame*
    Richie Sixx: No one can match my sex appeal, I am the going to make Exodus sexier, this place has never been and will never be this sexy. I hope you people aren't looking for a nice family friendly PG show, because when I come across this screen this show becomes rated XXX.
    *Richie leads the women out of the room as you hear both women laughing seductivly*
  13. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: Emo
    Gamertag: EmoForLlVE
    CAW: Destery "Des" Pierson
    Allignment: Heel

    Des Pierson: So, are we starting this thing anytime soon?
    *The camera man continues to try readjusting the camera to focus on Des but it falls off the tripod*
    Des Pierson: Seriously?
    *Des' feet can be seen on screen as he takes the camera in his right hand, holding it out so it focuses on himself*
    Des Pierson: Alright, so before we get started here, I would just like to point out that that guy should be fired.
    *Murmuring can be heard in the background as Des turns his attention*
    Des Pierson: Dude, get the hell outa here! Just take your ass and get lost!
    *A door opening and quickly closing can be heard in the background as Des turns his attention back to the camera*
    Des Pierson: Anyways, let's just get this out of the way. I'm not a bad-ass, I'm not a dumb-ass...I'm more of a jack-ass, or a smart-ass...whichever you prefer. And that tends to rub people the wrong way.
    *He shrugs*
    Des Pierson: And....well my name Des. That's really it...peace.
    *Des drops the camera on the ground, the lens cracking. Through the cracks though, you can see Des make his way out of the room before it turns to static*
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    Name: TheFrostyBlur
    Gamertag: zombiezkiller77
    Character Name: Robert Blake
    Face/Heel: Heel

    *The camera pans to a man on his knees*

    Robert Blake: Oh....holy one.....The Archangel is finally in Exodus! Today my mission begins....What is that mission? My mission is simple.....Save the people of Exodus! I walk in here today as a savior......When I leave I will be a Emperor among men!

    *A group of people rise behind Robert moaning "Savior" as Ryan laughs*

    Robert Blake: And of course if some of you don't want to share my glory....Then let's just say it won't be a happy year for you.

    *Robert gives a evil grin to the camera as the segment ends*
  15. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: Ellis Sullivan
    Gamer tag: Ellis1825
    Character name: Ty Creed
    Face/ Heel: Heel

    Ty Creed: For years I've been watching wrestling and I to loved it.

    *The camera pans to Ty sitting on a chair - in the middle of an empty room.*

    Ty Creed: I loved it, not anymore though, everything has gone stale. Same guys winning, same guys losing. Well I'm here to start a new revolution of professional wrestling, I don't care who stands in my way; I will defeat them. Just remember the name, Ty Creed because when I conquer pro wrestling you'll be sorry that you weren't there to see the rise of the greatest wrestler of all time.

    *The camera fades.*
  16. Welcome to the league!
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  17. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: DemonHunter1257
    Gamertag: DemonHunter1257
    Character Name: Blackjack
    Face/Heel: Face

    Opening Promo:

    *A camera begins to fade from an advertisement and a man in a black mask is seen stood with his back to the camera and in front of what is made out to be a blood stained wall, he turns slowly as he begins to talk*

    Blackjack: Anyone can defy death. I can because I am their saviour, their last resort, but the first they turn to! It is the peoples time to shine as bright as a star in the dark night sky.

    *He lifts his hand up to reveal a crown in his hand, notably dotted with red and black diamonds*

    Blackjack: This crown, is a one and only crown, it will save its user from injury, sadness and even death! But most of all, it'll save everyone, from their nightmares

    *He begins to small a little*

    Blackjack: I am a prince of darkness! And I am here to stay! Because anyone can defy death!

    *The camera fades to black as the segment ends*
  18. Welcome to the league! (From now on i'm just going to like posts to say you're in. Saves typing.)
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  19. @SupaHeeroh
    Name: SmudgyParasite
    Gamertag: SmudgyParasite1
    Character Name: Tyson Frost
    Face/Heel: Heel

    Opening Promo:

    *Tyson is sitting in the middle of the ring, legs crossed with a spotlight shining down on him. He has a mic in his hand.*

    Tyson: For those of you that don't know who I am, normally I would say that you're not worth my time, but since I'm in a good mood, I'll tell you about the greatest thing ever to grace a wrestling ring...me. I've been around the block a few times in the indies, despite being so young, and now I've arrived here, Exodus. I'm one of the world's greatest technical wrestlers and I'm more intelligent and charismatic that most guys on this roster. My name is Tyson Frost, you're probably going to remember it pretty easily, considering how I'm going to win a lot of gold here.

    For those of you who do forget me, then you're simply a waste of time.

    *Tyson Frost throws the mic away and the spotlight fades.*
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  20. Name: LukeTheGreatFTW
    Gamertag: lukethegreat360
    Character Name: Lukey
    Face/Heel: Face

    Opening Promo :

    *A young man can be seen standing in the middle of a ring in an empty arena talking.*

    Lukey : I always planned on being the best kid in the world. Ya know to grow up big and strong. Live life to the fullest but sometimes life beats ya to your knees. It can keep you there permanently if you let it. Trust me I know. I've always been told you can't do this or that or anything by nearly everybody. However I continued with life. I did what I wanted and needed to do. I learn't that your worries and fears can become your friends. At the end of the day you just gotta keep on smiling no matter how hard it can be. That's how I'm here today.

    *Lukey leans on the ropes looking over the empty arena*

    Lukey : If someone told you I'm just your average great, big man. They lied. I just wanna do everyone good around here. I'm just your small, average Super-Lad with a story to tell...... And as long as I'm doing this, I wanna write more chapters for this comic book lifestyle I'm living. This is My Story. My Ride. My Life. And I'm gonna keep on smilin all the way. The name's Lukey. And I'm just a Super-Lad.
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