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    Welcome to the official WWEFORUMS PlayStation 4 League

    This is a competitive league, but if you would rather plan out a match or make a rivalry that is fine as long as your opponent is also fine with it.

    The Rules

    • This league is 100% CAW based. When you play your matches in the league, you must use a CAW version of the character you are using.
    Stats and Abilities
    • Your CAW overall must be 88 or below.
    • Reversal stat must be 85.
    • Momentum stat must be 80.
    • Stamina Recovery stat must be 75.
    • Pin Escape stat must be 80.
    • No stat can be under 60.
    • All stats must be realistic to your CAW. If you are unsure, send me a message.
    • You MUST USE 2 LVL 3, 2 LVL 2 and 1 LVL 1 abilities ONLY. No more, no less.
    • Pin Combo is banned.
    • Diving Pin Combo is banned.
    • Dirty Pin is banned.
    • You can only use Ring Escape at LVL 1 or 2.
    • You can only use Resiliency at LVL 1 or 3.
    • You can use any skills you want as long as they are realistic to your CAW.
    • Hit Point Ratio - Noting above 30% and nothing under 20%.
    • The Super Heavyweight class is banned.
    • Dropkick 13 is banned
    • The Sweep is banned
    • Superkick 6 is banned
    • You cannot end a match using a submission finisher.
    • You can use submissions to ware down an opponent, but not to end a match.
    • You cannot pin straight from a submission move.
    • No spamming moves at all.
    • No stalling. If you grab an opponent then wait longer than 2 seconds before hitting a move, that is considered stalling. If you use a wakeup taunt and after the opponent is on their feet you wait longer than 2 seconds before hitting your finisher, that is stalling. Anything under 2 seconds is fine.
    Tag Team Matches
    • You can only enter the ring when you aren't the legal man to break up a pin.
    • You must stay in your corner when you aren't the legal man.
    • You cannot jump down to ringside just as your partner is about to be pinned so that you have an advantage of getting in the ring to break up a pin.
    • Your team is only allowed to break up a pin fall attempt twice. If you or your team mate is being pinned, you can break up the pinfall twice, if you are being pinned after your partner has already broke up a pin twice, they cannot enter the ring to break up the pin attempt. This is a team total of 2 pin breakups, not two breakups for each person on the team.
    • Do not start, provoke or get involved in arguments. If you do, you will receive a strike.
    No Showing
    • If you are booked for a match and don't show up for it, unless you inform me why before hand you will receive a strike.
    How To Get Booked
    • Every Sunday night a thread will be posted asking who wants a match for the following weekend. Sign up in that thread to get a match.
    • The thread will be open from Sunday after the previous weeks' results thread goes up until Monday night.
    • On Monday night the sign up thread will be locked and I will create a match card for the week.
    Interrupting Threads
    • Do not jump into someones promo thread without asking them first. Doing this could receive a strike.
    • Do not post OOC comments in peoples threads. This is what the OOC thread is for.
    • If you want to give someone feedback on their promo, leave it in the Feedback thread, not their promo thread.

    • Champions will need to defend their titles at least once per month. The Undisputed Champion will defend their championship at each PPV.
    • The minor championships can be defended on any show.
    • Champions who lose their championships will not receive an automatic rematch. We do not want the same two people feuding for a belt over and over again. If you lose a championship/championship match you will be back at the bottom of the list and you will need to build up wins to receive another shot.
    • You cannot drop the European Championship to have a shot at the The Undisputed Championship.
    • You cannot hold more than one championship at a time.
    • If you drop a title for any reason (other than the Iron Man Championship after winning 3 or 6 defences), you will not be on the next two shows.
    • The Iron Man Championship will be defended each week.
    • If you win 3 title defences with the Iron Man Championship, you can drop the belt for a shot at the European Championship the following week, if you want to test your luck and defend it 6 times you can drop the belt for a shot at the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship at the following PPV.
    • It is advised to record your league matches. You don't have to, but you can if you want. It makes storytelling a lot better when others can actually see the match you had.
    • The arena we will be using for this league is the WWE Main Event arena. If you do record your matches, record them using this arena.
    • You must finish a match with a finisher unless decided between the people involved in a match that you don't need to.
    • You cannot join the league just to be a manager. If you sign up, you MUST be able to play matches.
    • Your opponent must have an orange body part before going for a pin.
    • Everyone in the league is equal. Defeating someone new who just joins is just as good as defeating someone with an undefeated record. To get championship matches you need wins, the person/people you beat does not matter. The exception to this being beating the same person week after week. If you are involved in a feud and defeat the same person four weeks in a row you will not receive a championship match. If you defeat four different people in a row you are more likely to receive a shot.
    • You will receive a strike if you sign up for a match and don't cut any promos that week. You must do at least 1 promo a week when booked.
    • If you want a stipulation in a match, ask me first before writing a promo around a stipulation being added to your match.
    • Make your movesets realistic. Don't set each and every move as a finishing move and dont go too over the top. Bigger guys shouldn't be doing 450 splashes and smaller guys shouldn't be doing Muscle Busters.
    • If you do not follow any of the rules listed you will receive a strike.
    • Strike 1 - You will not compete on the weeks card.
    • Strike 2 - You will not compete for 2 weeks.
    • Strike 3 - You will be banned from the league.
    • If you receive a strike and continue to disobey the rules/complain you will be banned from the league.
    Sign Up

    Your signup should be an introduction to your character only. Nothing more than that.
    I will comment back on all signups to let you know whether or not you are accepted into the league.

    Matches will always take place between Friday and Sunday. If you know you cant be available between then, don't sign up.

    You should use 3 different colours in your promos.
    1 colour for actions, 1 colour for names and 1 colour for speech.

    Signup Template:
    Tag @TheFrostyBlur in your post
    Name: Forum Name (NOT CAW NAME)
    PSN ID: (PSN Name)
    Character Name: (CAW Name)
    Face/Heel: (Good/Bad)

    Opening Promo: If your opening promo takes more than 1 minute to read, it's too long. This is an introduction to yourself. That's all. The promo you write has no effect to your character in the league as this is just a closed introduction, no-one in character will know about it.

    Example Signup:


    Name: SupaHeeroh
    Character Name: Buster Gates
    Face/Heel: Heel

    Opening Promo:

    Buster Gates: And just when you thought you were the coolest person in the room, I walked in. Hi, i'm Buster Gates. I'm the man all the ladies want to be with and the man who all the men want to be. You see these muscles here? *Flexes* Pretty big huh? Thats not the only thing big about me either... Ladies. At six foot seven inches, i'm the guy who isn't hard to miss. When I was told I had a chance to join WWEF you know what I did? I phoned up my girl and said "Babe, today's the day I become a superstar." I then phoned my other girl and told her the exact same thing.

    Buster Gates: You see, i'm not here to mess around. I'm the guy who's gunna walk in here, take what I want and walk back out with women at my feet and championships around my waist. Remember the name Buster Gates because the Pretty Boy is here to stay.

    That's roughly how long your sign up promo should be. It shouldn't be much longer than that and you need to stick to the point. This is an introduction, not a life story. Once you sign up and have been accepted you can cut promos describing your character in more depth.

    Lastly, have fun!

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  3. @TheFrostyBlur
    Forum Name: Welsh-Wizard-97
    PSN ID: WeLsH-WiZaRd-97
    Character Name: Alice Xander (No, he's not a girl)
    Face/Heel: Face.
    Opening Promo:

    Alice: Hello!? Can you see me?
    Alice Xander... Well, Alice Xander's right eyeball appears on the titantron as he glares into the lens of his camera. After quite few seconds of looking into the camera lens, Alice moves away from the camera so that his face can be seen. He has a long and pink (Dirty minded people who thought that I was talking about his penis) Mullet and a beautilful face, at least that what he thinks.
    Alice: Uh, hi. Um, I was told that I had to introduce myself, so my name is Alice and I'm not a chick... That's it really. Got nothing else to say.
    Alice twiddles his thumbs for a few seconds.
    Alice: Ummmmm, bye!
    The camera feed is cut and I guess that's that... That.
  4. Welcome to the league!
  5. Forum Name: TheKingSonic
    PSN ID: sonicrules471
    Character Name: Will Neilson
    Face/Heel: Face
    Opening Promo:

    Will: Wrestling isn't just my hobby, it's my life. My name is Will Neilson, and I'm here to take Precision by storm, baby! When I step in the ring, I intend to put on a 5... YES I SAID 5 star match, every time I step into that ring! I respect all opponents who come up against me, and win or lose I still keep fighting and growing.

    *Will grabs his leather jacket and slips it on*

    Will: Those who come up against me... watch out, I'm about to snap some Jaws...

    *Will walks over to the Cameraman, not realising the camera is still rolling.*

    Will: Aiiiiiiii, can I have my McDonalds now? I'm feeling kinda hungry after all that talking....

    Cameraman: You do know the camera is still rolling Mr. Neilson?

    Will: Eh, it shows the audience I like McDonalds. Seems perfectly fine with me.

    *The Cameraman facepalms as Will walks out and goes to get some food*
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  6. Welcome to the league!
  7. @TheFrostyBlur
    Name: Kazzir
    PSN ID: Attractivesmell
    Character Name: Elliot Ryker
    Face/Heel: Heel

    This is the promo I wrote for IWT so ya.

    Elliot Rykers music hits to subtle pop from the crowd, he sways his arms as he stands at the top of the ramp smirking at all the other competitors and nodding his head too the NGW fellas.

    Elliot:Lads! What's with everyone? Who died? Oh yeah... NGW, I guess I'll keep that one lowkey. How's everyone doing? I hope you're all feeling good now the pretty boy is here! For those of you who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself, I am Elliot Ryker. The face that runs the place and if you 2+2 not knowing what the fuck it is bitches try to steal my thunder I'll slap your sorry asses around this ring. I'm good, I'm really damn good. You may not believe it but it's true, Every match I take part in. I win, I destroy, in fact, and all in 5 minutes without my face getting touched, you guys are all cuties, especially that demon lad, thinks he's proper good don't he? He's nothing compared to me and the NGW lads, so please throw anyone you got at me, but whoever you do decide to lose to me, get ready to "Rock n' Ryke"
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  8. Welcome to the league!
  9. Tag @TheFrostyBlur in your post
    Name: Ovalhead (NOT CAW NAME)
    PSN ID: lewiso1000 (PSN Name)
    Character Name: Ben Dover (CAW Name)
    Face/Heel: Face (Good/Bad)

    Ben Dover: Pornstar baby! That's me! I am the hottest stud on campus! Danny Jacobs eats faces, I eat pussy!! And the smarks may call me over-the-top, but at least that means I'm #OVER! Come at me jabronis!~
    *Ben Dover covers himself in cocoa butter*
    Ben Dover: God bless me, I'm just too SEXY for this DAMN league!!!
    If you excuse me, I'm about to bang an Asian chick on-set! See ya!
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  10. Tag @TheFrostyBlur in your post
    Name: Indy (NOT CAW NAME)
    Character Name: Danny Jacobs (CAW Name)
    Face/Heel: Face (Good/Bad)
  11. Welcome to the league!

    Need to do a promo
  12. Danny Jacobs comes out

    I'm a 3-time World Champion woo and such haha banter i eat faces too look heres my world championship

    *shows championship*

    Danny Jacobs leaves
  13. Welcome to the league
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  14. @TheFrostyBlur
    Name: @mipactking
    PSN ID: impactking09
    Character Name: Chris Young/w Lilith Young
    Face/Heel: Heel

    Opening Promo: Chris: Rise with the fallen with ash burning we all are moths drawn to a flame waiting to burn.
    The dark and the lost is what we become once we enter the ring.
    I'm Chris Young and by my side is Lilith my wife and we were one of the top duos in Japan working to earn me the names of Prime Time and 東京鬼.

    *The light goes out and when they come back on Chris has half his face painted.*

    Chris :We are about to take over...It's Primetime and It's showtime.
    Le premier démon de temps est ici .
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  15. Welcome to the league!
  16. @TheFrostyBlur

    Name: @CiV
    PSN: TheOneAndLonelyCiV
    Character Name: Joseph Diamond
    Face/Heel: Tweener
    Intro Promo (open)
    Intro Promo (open)
    Intro Promo (open)
    Are you sure you want to do this man? Last time you showed up at a place like this you got absolutely destroyed. I mean, you won, what? One match? Are you sure you're ready to go through something like that again?

    Well it's a little late to back out now, isn't it?

    Not really, you could just run away never to be seen by your wife or kids ever again.

    Okay not anymore.

    The sounds of Diamonds from Sierra Leone fill the arena, and the crowd immediately splits into two sides. People who hate Joseph Diamond, and people who think he's only okay. In spite of the new show, he's still wearing super douchey sunglasses, and an even douchier scarf. You have to question if he wears that stuff ironically, but I wouldn't give him that much credit.
    Joseph Diamond: Okay, I know what you're thinking. The first thing, obviously "Damn, where can I get those sunglasses?" and secondly, "Why has the great Joseph Diamond graced us with his presence?"
    As for the second question, there's a very good reason as to why I've decided to show up at this promotion, show, federation, whatever you want to call it. I'm here, because I have something to prove that I wasn't able to before.
    And the big fat cheque. That didn't hurt.

    And people may think that I'm here for the money, and that is, not entirely innacurate, but the point is. I'm here. And I'm putting the locker room on notice. Lie my father before me, I will become this promotion, show, federation, whatever you want to it. I will become world champion and usher in an era that will never end.

    Because Diamonds. Are forever.
    Diamond drops the mic and heads out to the back. To be honest that promo was kinda pointless, I guess the show can get underway now, which is way better than this guy going on any longer. Seriously what a toole.
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  17. @TheFrostyBlur
    Name: Gambino
    PSN ID: GManiac101
    Character Name: Bill Bronson
    Face/Heel: Heel

    Opening Promo:
    The scene opens to see a burly looking man standing inside a wrestling ring. His dark silhouette blocks out his identity as he begins shadow boxing. The ring itself is set up inside an older looking wrestling gym. The walls are a plain white color, with a solid concrete ground accompanying it. As the camera is panning around the man, an unknown voice begins to speak.

    Seventeen years have passed since I first stepped into a ring. I was so dumb and naïve. Heh, feels like just yesterday that my trainer broke my jaw on the first punch. I still remember the sound of my jaw cracking into bits... That was the most important day of my life. From that moment on, I never laughed when inside the ring. I learned quickly of the seriousness of this business.

    ???: Seriousness... A lost word in the wrestling business. A sport that was once about two rivals going toe-to-toe, and putting it all in the ring, but now has been downgraded to colorful fools flipping and dancing around like they're at the damn circus. It's an embarrassment. The treasured art of professional wrestling has become nothing more than a mere sideshow attraction.

    Suddenly, the voiceover stops, and the camera cuts to a close-up of the man. His face is still hidden by shadows, but his voice is still heard loud and clear.

    A renaissance is needed. Somebody needs to put into these kids heads that what they're doing isn't wrestling, it's child's play. I have come here not to prove a point, but to send a message. A message to all the kids backstage that real wrestling isn't doing some flips and looking flashy. No... It's about beating your opponent down to the point where they can't walk without additional support.

    After saying this, the man lifts his head upward, and the shadows dissipate. In their place is the gruff face of a man in his mid-30's. He has short black hair and an accompanying black goatee. His eyes are fierce as they stare down the camera.

    My name is Bill Bronson, and I'm leading a renaissance in professional wrestling, and I'm going to lead it with these...

    Bronson holds up his bare fists. They are uncovered, and slight scarring can be seen along his knuckles. As he holds his fists, the camera slowly fades to black.
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  18. Welcome to the league!

    Welcome to the league!
  19. @TheFrostyBlur
    Name: Bayler
    PSN ID: Bayler1960
    Character Name: Evan Savior
    Face/Heel: Heel

    Opening Promo:

    One of my personal favorite promos of mine from the old site

    The camera pans into a dark room. In the middle of the room - seen only by a spotlight - is Evan Savior, sitting on a wooden stool. Next to him is a wooden table, with the Iron Man championship placed gently in the middle, the straps going over the sides of the table. Next to the title is a beer bottle. Evan laughs to himself before taking the first sip from the beer bottle.

    Evan: Buster... Gates... Buster Gates....

    Evan chuckles, and frequently sips on the bottle whilst looking off into the distance

    Evan: It seems you've caused quite a stir here since your debut last week. And I must congratulate you, really. You're the only one to have shocked everyone here... Whether positively or negatively - depending on who you ask - you've certainly made a name for yourself. You came from... that place...

    Evan smirks again

    Evan: And came over here... to greener pastures... in the only way that Buster Gates can. With passion. And with force. There's only one mistake you made. You messed with me.

    Evans expression turns from laughter to anger.

    Evan: You came over here and chose to attack myself and Jack Rogue last week, interrupting my demolition of that poor soul Rogue - Which, by the way, comes as no surprise to anyone. You chose to lay both me and Rogue out, making your making in true, brutish style. Now, you want to make a name for yourself, Buster, and I get that. But, you tore Jack Rogue apart out there. That's not making a statement, that's just doing what everyone else does week after week!

    Evan starts to laugh hysterically once again, before eventually calming down moments later, sipping on his beer and looking off into the distance

    Evan: But assaulting me? Man, I'll give it to you, that's a pretty bold statement. You beat down the most talented, most entertaining, most beautiful man on this roster. Now, that... that's something.

    Evan looks impressed, but then again returns to his beer

    Evan: But, you seem to think that you're just going to get away with it? Seriously? Ah, Buster, how wrong you are! If it was anyone else, I would respect you, and think of you as an incredibly smart man. But, you attacked me! Buster, how stupid can you possibly be? I don't know if you've looked me up, or heard of my track record. But, I'm the reigning, defending, and undefeated Iron Man Champion! No one - and I mean no one - has ever, or will ever, dethrone me! And you wanted to make your mark by making an enemy of me?

    Evan stands up, and circles around the table, beer bottle in hand the entire time, smirking.

    Evan: What you did last week, you started something that you won't be able to finish. It doesn't matter who I have to put down this week. Sooner or later, the time will come when you have to pack up your balls and step inside the ring with me, man on man. The time to prove just how good you and everyone else seems to think you are. This week, you've got an easy task. I've heard Jack Rogue wants to be the first of the two of us to try and beat you. And, because I'm so kind to you, Buster, I'll let you pick up an easy first victory without any interference.

    Evan stops circling the table, and stands at one end, staring straight into the camera with a smile, beer bottle leaning against the table

    Evan: But one day. You're mine. For your sake, I hope it's later rather than sooner. But, when you're ready...

    Evan throws the bottle away, sending glass shards flying behind him

    Evan: Just know that I am....

    Evan then picks up the championship on the table, puts it over his shoulder, and walks away, laughing. The spotlight cuts out along with the camera to end the segment.
  20. Welcome to the league

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