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  1. The design for the new WWE Universal Championship belt has reportedly leaked online.

    Reddit user dvizzle, also known as “Da Belt Guy” from, posted a report on the WWE Universal Championship belt. This user in the past has typically been quite reliable when it comes to news surrounding WWE belts.

    The report is that the Universal Championship belt will look virtually identical to WWE Heavyweight Championship belt, except it will be red to represent Raw. Dvizzle put together the following graphic roughly representing what both of the belts will look like going forward:

  2. :facepalm2::facepalm2::facepalm2::facepalm2::facepalm2::facepalm2::facepalm2::facepalm2:
  3. Is that a reaction to the design or did I miss something? lol :dawg:
  4. tbf the blue would look p sweet if they actually went down that route.
  5. They both seem... Too... Ehhh... Gold?

  6. Why would the backing be black? Shouldn't the swoosh, and jewels be blue.

    Either way. Retarded.
  7. it's fake man look at the universal championship
  8. Obviously. It's a concept design.
  9. Umm...

    "Dvizzle put together the following graphic roughly representing what both of the belts will look like going forward"

  10. At least they don't spin, homie.
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  11. #NeverForget

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  12. I'd rather the spinner tbh.
  13. Thought it was the coolest shit as a dumb kid. Shaking my damn head at lil' Dojo.
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  14. Lil' Dojo just wanted to stand up... Please stand up! PLEASE STAND UP! :angry: :upset:
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I found the spinner to be something different. I found it stupid, as I thought it was a 1 time thing for John Cena and it ended up being the 2nd longest lasting title.
  17. Yeah one would think it was temporary given his gimmick but ehh... I don't miss it.
  18. Still better than the current design. It's so empty.
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  19. Yeah, the emptiness of the design is my main gripe with it. It's legit just a big W with a little swoosh on black leather.
  20. Something closer to these would have been a lot better:
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