Storyline leaked footage of b.dazzle when he was 7 years old

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood waiting the ring to begin to speak*

    ( Gav the chav) now then gavs got a little treat for you today you know that cheeky **** @B.Dazzle who think he's the fucking rock what a bellend well recently I've discovered this isn't a recent thing in fact he's been obsessed with the great one himself the rock since he was 7 years old he literally thinks hes the rock he needs to remove his head out of the rocks own candy arse or hes gunna be literally smelling what the rock is cooking the cheeky ****

    anyway now here's that special treat i promised video footage of b.dazzle when he was 7 years old practising his rock skills on camera roll the clip!

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  2. *B.Dazzle storms out from the back and he doesn't look to happy. He has a mic in his hand and quickly begins to speak.*

    Dazzle: Cut B.Dazzle's music! These jabronis, especially the jabroni standing in B.Dazzle's ring, do not deserve to listen to the most dazzling theme in all of sports and entertainment!

    *The fans begin to boo.*

    Dazzle: You think you're funny Gav, don't you? You think you're a god damn comedian, don't you? Well to quickly answer B.Dazzle's own question...................IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! If you want to come out here and play videos of random seven year old boys, whom you probably have running around in your house, doing crappy impressions of The Rock....that's fine. But when you try to compare those candy ass kids to the most dazzling man in all of the world, that's when you create a problem! You know what Gav, since the subject of funny has come up, B.Dazzle finds it funny that you're spending all your time mocking B.Dazzle instead of getting ready for the MITB match coming up next week. Then again, that's always been the big problem between us. Your monkey ass was set on looking like a big goof and embarassing the team, while B.Dazzle set his mind on winning championships, matches, and becoming a superstar. How you can even ask yourself why B.Dazzle turned on your candy ass is ridiculous.

    *The "Fuck you Dazzle chants begin in the arena.*

    Dazzle: Gav, B.Dazzle has more important things to do then to listen to you run your stupid mouth all day long. So what B.Dazzle is gonna do is head to the back and start training, and get ready to become the next Mr. Money in the Bank! If you smell what B.Dazzle is cooking!