Storyline Leaving Her Mark, in a Different Way

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    *The following is an exclusive*

    *Shortly after the brutal attack via Ivy Hale on Reagan Cole, which forced Cole to head to a local medical facility, an interviewer from IWT is seen standing outside of the assailant's locker room. Microphone in hand, he speaks with a serious tone in his voice.*

    "Ladies and gentlemen, moment's ago we witnessed a brutal attack on IWT star Reagan Cole. I have word that he is being operated on as we speak, but there is no word on the time-frame of his recovery. Right now I am outside the locker room of Ivy Hale, the woman who viciously attacked him, to look for answers. Wish me luck."

    *He walks towards the door and knocks on it once. No answer. He knocks twice more, this time harder. The result is still the same.*

    "I guess she isn't here. I'll try one more time."

    *As he his just about to knock again, the door opens on its own. He looks at the camera with an uneasy look on his face. Against his better judgment, he goes trough the door, walking in a dark room. Scattered around the room are various candles set. He looks around and sees, in the corner, Ivy Hale sitting in front of a mirror. There are two candles on the table, creating glowing light. Changed out of her ring gear from earlier, she is wearing a black dress and is brushing her hair with an unsettling smile on her face. Unknowing of what he got into, the interviewer cautiously walks over towards her and begins to talk.*

    "Ivy Hale?"

    *She ignores his response. The interviewer questions if he really should be attempting an interview with her, but he decides to continue on anyways.*

    "Well, earlier we witnessed you brutally attacked your opponent for Summerslam in attempt to make your claim as IWT's next big star. What we-"

    "Stop..." *She raises her hand* "You honestly think that I'm concerned with being this company's star? You humour me..."

    "Well, there are a lot of young and new faces in IWT and it's what most people in this company want to be..."

    "Well, in that case, I'm not like anything you have ever seen in IWT. Sit down and listen..."

    *She gets up from her seat and gestures towards the interviewer to sit down. Reluctantly, he does as she wants and Ivy Hale begins to speak.*

    "You see, I didn't attack Reagan Cole to make a claim to stardom. I didn't make the challenge in a desperate plea to make a name for myself. I do everything here with reason. Not for selfish reasons like my personal worth. When I was younger, I was told to follow my dreams, that dreams are important. When I failed, I was...I was...I..."

    "You were what?"

    *Lashing out at him* "Not important! But after a while I realized that it wasn't motivated by the chase of a dream. Instead I was pushed along by the fear of failure and what went along with it. Dreams are not real. Fear is. Yet dreams are supposedly what Reagan Cole was chasing the whole time..."

    *She walks behind the interviewer who is sitting in the chair and faces him toward the mirror.

    "When I look at Reagan Cole, I see a reflection of myself in a way. We both lived and grew up in places where fear was a part of life. He grew up on the streets, where around ever corner was danger. I lived in a similar place, yet we both are two different people. While I have embraced what fear really does but Reagan Cole let someone blind him to what is really going on. I almost thought he saw the error of his ways when he lost to Forté..."
    *rage builds inside her* "but then he goes and forms this farewell tour in the names of helping those he feels are help them have a chance at realizing their...dreams...How blind do you have to be to do that!?"

    *Turning the interviewer around to face her again, she grabs his tie tight and continues.*

    "So, I decided that now was the time to make him realize it. Now is the time for me to beat fear inside him until he realizes that it really controls him. Now is the time, before he leaves IWT, to realize that all the dreams he has chased have never been there. So to do it, I am going to make his last few weeks in the company his worst nightmare. If by the end of it he fails to realize it..."

    *She pulls him close, making the interviewer feel very uncomfortable.*

    "...Then so be it. I'll just make certain where ever he goes after IWT, I leave a permanent mark on him. Now does that answer any questions you may have? Good. Now get out..."


    "Get out!"

    *She pushes him out of the chair and he stumbles out of the room along with the camera man. Ivy walks towards the door and stands in the door frame, laughing. She shuts the door tight as the camera fades away, ending the segment.*

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