Storyline Leaving the Arena

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  1. After a long day at the arena, most everyone has left already. Cousin Eddy is finishing up in the locker room and getting ready to go home. After he has everything packed up, he leaves the locker room with his belongings. He notices that no one else is in the hallway. It's eerily quiet but it doesn't appear to matter much to Cousin Eddy.

    Eddy begins walking down the long hallway, the only sounds being his footfalls echoing throughout the hallway. Halfway down the hallway, the lights begin to flicker just a little. He looks perturbed but the arena is pretty old so he just figures it is faulty wiring and goes on his way. The lights continue to flicker as he walks down to the door leading out of the arena. When he gets to the door, though, he finds that it is locked. Annoyed, he shakes it a few times to make sure that the door just isn't stuck. It won't budge though.

    Still annoyed, Cousin Eddy turns to walk back down the hallway. After he takes about five steps, though, the lights flicker again. He gives another annoyed look but then suddenly the lights completely go out. It is pitch black in the hallway. Eddy swears, aggravated at the poor upkeep in the building. But before he can take another step, the lights suddenly come back on.

    Cousin Eddy looks and sees Schizo standing at the far end of the hallway. Schizo doesn't move at first, he just stands off in the distance looking in Eddy's direction. Cousin Eddy then takes a step towards Schizo's direction and the moment that he does, Schizo takes one step forward with the same foot. The move is nearly simultaneous, as if Schizo was a reflection in a mirror rather than another person. When Cousin Eddy stops, Schizo stops as well.

    Not sure why Schizo is not moving down the hallway towards him, Cousin Eddy turns over his right shoulder to make sure no one is behind him. Mirroring this movement, Schizo does the same thing. Eddy then looks forward again. Schizo mirrors this movement as well.

    For a moment, Cousin Eddy just stands in the hallway looking at Schizo. His patience appears to be running out. So Cousin Eddy starts walking towards Schizo at a fast pace. Schizo mirrors every step and speeds up as Cousin Eddy speeds up.

    When Eddy and Schizo are a mere few feet apart, the lights suddenly go out and everything is black again. The outage only lasts for a couple of moments this time and the lights quickly come back on. Schizo is gone and there is no trace that he was ever there.

    After looking around the hallway to make sure Schizo isn't trying to sneak up on him, Cousin Eddy turns and slowly walks back to the door leaving the arena. He finds it to be unlocked and after opening it, leaves the arena.

    Once Cousin Eddy is gone and the hallway is empty, the lights flicker once more and then go out.
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