LeBron wants to come back to Cleveland!?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. :dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg::dawg:

    I just heard about him wanting to come back next year.


    This is just funny to me. I am a Cavalier fan.

    What a douche. lol
  2. :pity1: Take him back, in all honestly you guys suck without him, even if it's just for one year or whatnot.
  3. If he said it, he's just trolling. No way he'll go back after the way he left.
  4. Everyone is talking about it right now. I think its cause Wade keeps getting hurt, Bosh sucks... And he wants to play with Kyrie. Either way.. LOL :haha:
  5. I think he may just be doing it for publicity. I highly doubt he will come back to Cleveland next year... Its quite funny to hear him talk about it though lol
  6. Source?
  7. No he doesn't. These are simply delusions of grandure due to fandom for a bad sports team. It's no different then when Raiders fans think they have a chance of winning the super bowl. :haha: :pity: Lebron will retire a Heat Player.
  8. My god please,go back to cavs... My two nba idols together , kyre and bron ..:fap: :fap: #gocavs
  9. Well wade is always hurt but Bosh is having a good year. I'm from Ohio as well and you always hear about Lebron coming back around these parts. He still comes to akron in the offseason to work with kids. Kyrie though is a great PG and those two would be dynamic. I actually do think he will come back to cleveland.
  10. He said long time ago that he wants to end his career in cleveland .... Seriously irving+james= real chances of winning the championship
  11. I just saw it on ESPN, so you know it's somewhat legit. It's just rumors but still. It's very possible he might go. If he does it might not be for another 2 or 3 years. They also made a good point that how will Dwayne Wade be in another 2 years considering age and injury. While Caviliers have all this young talent. Long term it seems going to Cleveland is better for Lebron.
  12. Its okay , I want him to win another ring w/ miami , then onces kyre is already one of the top 5 PG then go back to cavs and win the championship . Here in spain , I got tropoed so many times when i sat im a cavs fan, everyone is a laker or celtic fan .. They suck .. Too mainstream .. I have 2 nba's jerseys . One is of lebron when he was in his highschool(akron) the other one is this season kyre's one ... Im so proud of my cavs !
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    Pipe dreams. Get over it, he will end up in LA before he goes back to Cleveland, bet on that shit.
  14. You know no more than us.
  15. That is true, but lets be realistic. The dude left a city full of people who now hate him to "win a ring" down in FL, shitting on all of it's fans. I offer nothing more than my opinion, but i hate him for it, and expect him to sell out like D-howard and go wherever gives him the best chance to get a ring, not move back home and get his fans back.

    As a baseball fan you know what im saying. I dont even cheer for Ichiro anymore, once you sell out, fuck you....even if i would probably do the same thing..lets not speculate until i do. After that, fuck me.
  16. I know what you're saying. Hopefully you realize that you're only seeing what the media wants you to see. Lebron comes back here every off-season and does camps. Not only that, he helps out the city in various other ways. Charities,meet and greets, etc etc. He isn't as "hated" as the media portrays it. At first he had quite a bit of heat but if he wanted to come back, not one fan would say no to that.

    Sources - Live an hour from Cleveland.
  17. I totally trust you as a source, and i hated him when he was doing it all WHILE playing for cleveland (We both know im a hater)

    I think hes great for what he does, but a grip of athletes do the same thing. Ill just end it with the fact Craig Counsell is from Milwaukee Area, and with his 2 rings (neither with us, that should be obvious) has given back a grip to the community for the brewers.

    If he left to help out some other team because of salary, id spit on his jersey. If i thought it would be reasonable, id bet you he didnt come back to Cleveland as long as he is relevant, but there would have to be a huge prize, and unfortunately ive already seen the pictures you send your DX buddies, so i doubt humiliation (@Neil) would be enough.
  18. I'm not sure what this part of the post has anything to do with the current topic. I can assure you that no one on the interweb could ever "humilate" me though. Srs stuff bro

    Brewers suck ass.
  19. He left Cleveland because we didn't have a good team of players with him. He knew he couldn't win a ring on his own. BUT... Now that we have Kyrie, I think it sparked interest for him. I personally don't care if he comes back or not. I'd imagine a lot of people would be glad to have him back but I think more would be mad then glad. He left in a childish manner and for whatever reason, people still can't get over it. I was pissed for a few months but I got over it. I haven't been able to watch Cavs games anyways.
  20. The only way I see this happening is his final season. He may want to retire at home, but in his championship winning prime, he'll stay in Miami where they can buy guys to play with him.