Storyline Lee is an ugly stepchild

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  1. Dat Kid walks into an arena that barely has a crowd, no pyro, no lighting cues. Kid wears a sports jacket and sweats. Kid looks around.

    It didn't take weeks, it took days after I was inducted into the Hall of Fame for this place to finally die. Except this time, you don't have an FSW to fall back on, you don't have a PWGP to fill the void, you ain't got shit.

    And where's our leaders, where's those people in the back who clenched on to their power for so long and made sure people like me got pushed out of the picture? I'm talking to you Jonathan, where you at? Trip, you beat me about a year ago, where you at? Matter of fact, where the fuck is anyone. What happen to all those people waiting for an opportunity? Aids, you begged to be in creative, now where are you?

    All these people claiming to have IWTs best interest in mind, but I don't see a damn thing being done to improve this and you know what, it's not going to happen. Every single one of you will let this place die right here.

    But I'll tell you what is going to happen, before this place goes out, I'm taking back what belongs to me. I am leaving with the IWT Championship and when I do, I don't give a shit if this place revitalizes or continues to decay. And this ain't the part where somebody in the back tells me they deserve a shot cause they don't. Nobody in that locker room is a better competitor than me and it don't mean shit if you beat me or not because you can never BE me.

    This ain't the part where some authority figure comes out and tells me I can't have this match, because any of you were really in charge the IWT would already be back on it's feet. You don't get to control the IWT whenever you feel like.

    The only part that comes next is Lee @Ovalhead walking out here and giving me my 2nd only IWT title shot and then going back to being the ugly stepchild of the 2nd generation.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Make it a triple threat beeyatch

    /end promo
  4. How about a fatal four way @THG?
  5. Just agree on a date & I should be good to go.
  6. How about a fatal four way with me and Dat Kid switching places when no one looks during the match?
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  7. I could've sworn I already challenged Lee with some elaborate rap battle type promo, but that's cool - whateva
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    Aids Johnson walks out to a small boo from a small crowd, wearing his brewers jersey under a suit jacket, stopping at the ramp to address Dat Kid.

    Retired? I watched you cut the promo promising to not take my same path, to join senhor and brita in the really retired community....and yet here you are. What happened to my creative deal? Fuck them, and fuck IWT. My dream died when IWT went under, and I can go to sleep every night knowing I came back from retirement to carry this piece of shit company. Despite that fact, it's garbage champions like you, Joey Bryant, and your beau Jonathan who killed this company. It's the truth. IWT truly died of anti-AIDS, because I carried this place on my back for damn near 12 months.

    You know what makes me laugh? All the random 4th wall breaking, the astute conversation type of bullshit you continually engage in, and the fact I have to acknowledge you as an IWT Champion. Let's face it, Dat Kid, @Gav the Champ! @Forrest and nearly all of you walking jokes never really owned the belt like I did. I am the three time champion, and you all are just fluke wins. Alias, Bryant, Kaizer. The second generation, and those to blame for killing this company. Everyone wants to be champion, but not one of you could get people interested, none of you put asses in seats. Jonathan is the worst, and you all are to blame for putting the least charismatic, most ignored person in charge of a company.

    Fuck it, look a players like @Stopspot and @Solidus . killing off your own company, you idiots. No one has interest in your e-fed because neither of you draw, people are bored of and by you as much as they are IWT if not more. The failure of E-feds is simple, you wonder why Jono wins? Your shit is boring, people love a villain. IWT has thrived because we all love to hate the authority long before our current WWE version. Really though, let's face it.

    Brick by brick, this is MY company.
  9. lol I only read half your promo. Leaving with the IWT title, you? lol. You have to be out of your mind. The disgraced, handed IWT champion who has as much right to the IWT legacy as @Shadow ? You have to be out of your mind. You deserve an IWT title shot like @Delik deserves a 7th chance.

    Lmao you retire and come back to show everyone who the best European champion of all time is/was? The answer is still Farooq. Get out of my section, you jobbed to me so I could face a Real legend in @Senhor Perfect , and then I drop this shitty title in honor of Jonathan sucking, and you "earn" it in one of the least interesting/voted/wanted matches of all time before dropping it to Mrs. Champ Johnson before she jobs for 6 months....while i demand our future champion Joey Bryant faces me...and after it all......

    He let me down, just like you do. You'll never draw, you never have.
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  10. Because rapping makes it legitimate
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  11. Anytime before June 6th, I'll be out of the country for a month after that
  12. Visiting your homeland are you?
  13. Aids shut the fuck up.

    You didn't carry a god damn thing andf I'm not here to debate who killed what or who's better than who. I said it quite clearly if you can clean the bullshit out of your ears. I am here to TAKE the IWT Championship and then I am going to LEAVE. And if I have TAKE you out to do it and LEAVE your ass so fucked up you'll be losing beauty pageants to crack babies, then so be it.

    So go ahead Aids, challenge me, go ahead.

    Dat Kid opens the ring ropes for Aids.
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  14. Shanghai, to make a film
  15. Is it a porno?
  16. Hangover 4, definitely didn't have a high enough demand to get the budget of a major motion picture so they went Indy. Nice score, Kid.
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  17. say hi to nero for me.
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  18. lmao go fuck yourself. Challenge you? I'm a 3 time champion, I don't waste my space with the likes of you. @Delik face me or let this company burn.

    Take nothing From, just leave. If you are going to go for any championship, it should be the x-division title. This company is already buried, no one in their right mind would let a mird carder get a championship shot at THE belt in this company. Even at its lowest, you are still not a top tier champion.