Storyline Lee's Knighthood Ceremony!!!!!!! #HYPE

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  1. *The Queen is sat in a vehicle similar to the Pope-mobile but with more gold and royal decorations surrounding. The driver is one of her servants. The crowd want to boo but similar to the Royal wedding and baby, all the Americans get all excited over the royal family. The Queen is driven down the ramp by her servant. The Queen waves at the crowd and is cheered. She is assisted out of the vehicle by her servant. The IWT ring is decorated to represent a nobility and majesty. The Queen sees the ring and nods at it approvingly. She is escorted into the ring by her servant. She sits down onto the golden throne positioned in the middle of the ring, anticipating Lee. The music cuts.*

    Queens Servant: May all rise for Sir Lee on command of the Queen.

    *Crowd boo and stay sat*

    Queen: AT MY COMMAND!

    *Startled, the crowd hurriedly rush to their feet, in respect of Lee.*

    *Sir Lee comes out in a Great British colour scheme; Blue suit, white shirt behind the suit and a red tie. The ensemble looks incredibly obnoxious. Sir Lee still has his IWT IC belt around his waist and the Queens sword in his right hand. The Queen looks at Lee with great admiration as he slowly makes his way to ring, anticipating his glorious moment. Sir Lee climbs over the rope and into ring, he stops in his tracks in front of The Queen. His music cuts.*

    Queen: We are here today to honour Sir Lee for his commendable attempts to protect not just I or Great Britain but the entire World, he rid those filthy Communists once and for all! He is truly worthy of such an honour! But better yet, he still has the roles that Sir has that being a Lord doesn’t actually give, meaning he has a dual role, what he did for national and global security is what justifies such a significant decision! And now, shall you hand me back my sword?

    *The Queen reaches out her right hand.*

    *Sir Lee hesitated for second but eventually hands it over.*
    Queen: Now, is there any name you would like added on?

    Sir Lee: I do actually your majesty, remember those times when the rich stayed rich and were allowed to control everything in Britannia. We still had many colonies and there was no time for sympathy or empathy, which are over-rated emotions by all accounts!

    Queen: Tremendous choice Lee, so to confirm, you now want to be known to the World as Lord Lee Tudor, is that correct?

    Sir Lee: That is correct your Majesty.

    Queen: That is marvellous, now you shall kneel down so I can knight you!

    *Sir Lee kneels down, a grin is across his face.*

    Servant: You are now to become Lord Lee Tudor, for your services regarding national security in the interests of your majesty, The Queen!

    *The Queen places the sword above both of Sir Lee’s shoulders, although this is now goodbye to "Sir Lee", as he is now the almighty “Lord Lee Tudor”. The Queen hands the sword to her servant and retrieves a commemerative medal and places it around the neck of Lord Lee Tudor. Lord Lee Tudor begins to turn red, rubbing his eyes.*

    Queen: The ceremony is now complete! May all now applaud!

    *The crowd erupt in admiration, as If they have forgotten his heinous acts.*

    *Lord Lee Tudor shakes The Queens hand, as a solitary tear rolls down his reddened cheek.*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Thank you…..thank you so much!

    *The Queen nods at Lord Lee Tudor, appreciating his gratitude.*

    *Suddenly, from the VIP Box comes David Cameron and Lord Lee Tudor’s father and sister. They come into the ring take turns to hug Lord Lee Tudor. Lord Lee Tudor is handed a microphone.*

    Lord Lee Tudor: I’m so thankful to David Cameron for leading me to become such a brilliant figure. Also though, it was my sister and father who supported me as an adolescent, while my mother was dying! I may have this medal and I may have this championship, but I will also have more gold by the end of this PPV, I should be scared of my opponents in the chamber........ but I’m not, I’ve reached the glass ceiling and now I’m ready to ultimately smash it into millions of tiny pieces!

    *Lord Lee Tudor pauses, he gets a handkerchief, wipes his face with it and puts it back in his suit pocket.*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Now that this glorious occasion has ended, feel free to boo me, hate me, just know it’s irrelevant to me because I know I’m better than all of you inferior fools. You only showed love for me because superior figure in society told you to;The Queen, wanted you to. You sheep make me sick!

    *The crowd then erupt in anger as he strolls out of the ring with Cameron and his family. When they get to the top of the ramp, his love interest is waiting for him, he kisses her and holds her hand as the group leave the arena. The music cuts. The Queen is left in the ring with her servant, The Queen gives off a light smirk to her servant who chuckles sadistically.*

    Queen: That brilliant man could take us to new fame, I’ve always wanted to vibe my ancestors had, they were always intimidated, and don’t get me started on the wonders the Tudors did. Lord Lee Tudor……Thank you for what you’ve done!

    *Both the Queen and the servant laugh in the middle of the ring, the crowd are left confused and bewildered!*
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  2. *Cole is watching Lord Lee Tutor leave*
    Cole: what.....just happened?.......i am confused as hell