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  1. Why not have a further step up....

    Hall Of Famer?
  2. With....a yearly subscription.
  3. We already have it in planning, but not as an upgrade group. It would be a recognition to your contributions to the site and given free. Not sure I want to introduce it quite yet though.
  4. I'm preparing my speech.
  5. :haha:
  6. +10% warning level Crayo.
  7. Cool...I can now tell the future :jericho:
  8. Still undecided how to do it though. I was soigné to make a thread with everyone's ideas nearer the time.
  9. Re: RE: Legend?

    You're really going to soigné it?
  10. Have you been taking French lessons with Sandy?
  11. Re: RE: Legend?

    You have to pay me, its a Seabs tax.
  12. To help fund Seabs' departure from the despicable land of Sheffield.
  13. :okay:
  14. Re: RE: Legend?

    Damn right, the drive towards Cornwall begins.
  15. God help you, and me.

    Sexy time on the beach?

    On that note, I'll close this.

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