Legends reaction to Slater and Slater's future

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 24, 2012.

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    Give me US champ Slater babay!
  2. I like Slater, and yeah' why not give him a push for the US title!

  3. Incredibly impressed with this guy.
  4. He had the best segment of the night :gusta:
  5. Ryder > Slater, give them and guys their level all shots at the US title, and get santino out of the picture please.
  6. Ryder has challenged the Miz for the IC title. I think Ryder is a Smackdown guy now.
  7. Ryder vs Miz? FML.
  8. He challenged him on Tout so who knows if they will actually run with this. I do think a Ryder vs Miz feud could work given the right material. Both guys are good at making titles look important as well.
  9. Miz is. Whether Ryder's over or not he's not the least bit credible. He jobs more than Dolph.
  10. Slater will probably take the title from Santino, which is a very good thing if you ask me. It happened in my TEW save if I'm not mistaken, and it should happen in real life as well. He's worked very well with the legends, sold JBL's clothesline wonderfully last night and deserves a push.
  11. One man Untied States band babyyyy!!!!
  12. Heath Slater should already be pushed as top heel I dont understand why hes being jobbed out
  13. Slater will have a good future :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: