Legit feuds.

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  1. Do any of you know any real personal legit feuds? Backstage I mean, I know the one where Booker T ended up whooping Batista's ass backstage.
  2. Jericho kickin' ol Goldberg's ass :emoji_grin:
  3. Jericho kicking Goldberg's ass is a myth. He basically just wound up getting double legged by Goldberg and putting him in a front headlock while people separated them.

    HBK/Bret Hart legitimately hated each other in the 90s.
  4. Never even heard the Jericho/Goldberg one, wow.

    Forgot about HBK/Hart too. Nice to see them "make up" in the ring though was it last year? Year before? Don't know.
  5. Yep 2010 @[Crayo]
  6. Awesome Kong whooping Bubba the Love Sponge's pathetic, white-trash, sorry excuse for an ass in one of the most one-sided backstage fights of all time.
  7. Rock/Cena
    Sheamus/Yoshi Tatsu
  8. Matt Hardy and Edge over Lita.
  9. Can you post a report or something? I would love to read about this. Kharma is a beast.

    Sheamus had legitimate beef with Yoshi? Also, Undertaker/HBK, could someone elaborate?

    Forgot about this one. I felt sorry for Matt.
  10. HBK/Janetty ended up in a storyline. Which was Macho Man Randy Savage's idea.
  11. Just found this for Sheamus and Tatsu


    Edit: ninjad by seabs again
  12. Sheamus used Yoshi's protein shaker without permission and when Yoshi confronted him Sheamus threw it at his head...Yoshi proceeded to kick the living sh*t out of Sheamus and reduced him to tears.

    Undertaker had beef with HBK when HBK was refusing to lie down for Austin at Wrestlemania 14. Basically terrified HBK into agreeing to lose.
  13. Haha as if Yoshi Tatsu made Sheamus cry no wonder he's such a big campaigner for the be a star.
  14. Lmao :laugh::laugh:. So much win.

    As for Taker terrifying HBK, it's hard to imagine HBK being such a douche when you see him now. Christianity has really mellowed him out.
  15. I heard people say that that's bull too! :shock:
  16. Sheamus = When he's a heel he'll be an asshole. Go Yoshi Tatsu

    Hopefully Sheamus matured over the years.
  17. Randy Orton vs the diva search girls. I remember reading Randy leaving a present for one of the girls in a paperbag. Any girl that rolled their eyes at Randy got 'the treatment' from him
  18. Didn't he apparently shit in one of their gym bags or something?
  19. For some reason I giggled. Orton used to be such a douche until he had a kid apparently.