Storyline Leo going "Doctor"

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  1. *Mike, Dexx @DX2006 and Co. arrive in a this town 30 miles west as told by the phone call Mike got, a police officer brings them to wear Leo is*
    Officer: He's been here for hours asking people if they wanted Blood Tests.
    Mike: WHAT?!
    Officer: Yeah, it's weird you have any idea why?
    Mike: He's trying to earn HIS DOCTOR'S DEGREE
    Jason: NO
    Mike: All will be lost if Leo becomes a doctor.
    *They reach where Leo, is, he is dressed like a Doctor*
    Leo: Who is interested in the study of Trauma?
    Mike: Leo!
    Leo: Ah patients! I'm sorry but urinary samples are required in a cup.
    Mike: Don't you remember us? Its me, Mike! And Beacon Duggan with the High Council!
    Leo: I don't recall, all I remember is this big flash and then I thought I was a Doctor.
    Mike: You are not a Doctor! You are Master Leo Wang!
    Jason: Leo! You gotta come back, there is still hope!
    Mike: It was the Panda's doings that decided David was The Keeper, not yours! You gotta listen!
    Leo: So... i'll pencil you in for 3:00?
    Mike:No! No more Doctor!
    Leo: I don't know who you are but your diagnosis read negative, AWAY! *Leo runs out onto an open road, a truck comes*
    Mike: MASTER!!! LOOK OUT!
    Leo: I'm a Doc- CRASH!!!
    *Leo gets hit by the truck*

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  2. *Camera comes back after 10 minutes, Leo is being stretchered into an ambulance*
    Dexx: MASTER! Speak to me! Tell me you're ok!
    Leo: Gasp... cancel my 8:00....
    *Lifted into ambulance, Mike and Jason decide to go with Leo, ambulance drives off*
    Dexx: *screaming into the sky* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. A Few Hours Later at the Hospital...
    *Mike and Jason at the hospital waiting room*
    Mike: Oh great Panda you can't let him go like this... not this way!
    Jason: For the 5 years I've known him, it's felt like 20... he taught me how to play golf and fuzeball, the right way,*takes out a double sided coin* never again will I look at this coin and laugh when I play...
    *Doctor (A REAL DOCTOR) comes in*
    Mike: Well...?
    Doctor: It's a slim chance he'll make it, if we give him the proper amount of blood, he might survive... we are about to administer the blood now.
    Mike: Anything! Just make him better so he can see The Panda again!
    Doctor: Okay.......?
    Mike: Oh Jason! I'm not ready for this! I can't lose him!
    Jason: Neither can I!
    *Enter Dexx and the rest of the Council*