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  1. As the song plays through the PM System, Everyone is confused as to who is coming out. Then comes out a man who looks like a regular fan, Wearing a Pair of Jeans and an IWT Shirt. He walks down to ring, looking around at the fans who are confused. He jumps onto the apron and leaps over before grabbing a microphone. He taps it three times and says:

    "Is this thing on?"

    He looks at the speakers as he hears voice through them and he smiles.

    "Ah, That's good. What's up IWT...Looking by your faces you don't know who I am and that's...perfectly understandable. The Name is Leo Taylor and as the Instruction manual says I am quite...Varied in what I do. You'll understand in due time but I'm here in IWT to do one thing and that is....Not to dominate the competition. What? You thought I was some egomaniac like Dat Kid or the Artist? Nah, I'm here in IWT for Fun and for success, of course, but that comes after the fun. You see, All my life I've wanted to wrestle but I've also been making people laugh, intentional or unintentionally, Much like The Artist's Promos. I am the unofficial "God of Fun" and my Name is Leo Taylor. I must go now, my locker room needs me."

    "Get Lucky" plays again as the fans clap as they are now known to Leo as he walks back to his locker room, doing a few dance moves as he does so.
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  2. OOC: New character?
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