Storyline Leo Taylor's "run in" with the GM

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  1. *Trip makes his way through the back curtain after leaving Dat Kid, Britannica, and Mr. Smith in the ring. He storms through the curtain and hurriedly makes his way through the halls. As he rounds a corner he almost runs headlong into new IWT superstar Leo Taylor*

    TRIP: Hey, watch where you are going newbie!

    Taylor begins to speak as he is turning around, noticing Trip at the last line of the sentence.
    Taylor: Why don't you watch where you're going, M-M-M....Boss. Eh, Sorry Boss, Thought you were someone else. In fact, I was looking for you right now. You see, I wanted to know...When will I have my First match? You see, I like to know dates so I can plan on what I wear, what I do and more importantly, what Music I come out to. I also wanted to ask you that because...I wanted to know who you have planed for me, Mainly for the same reasons as the date. Any specific date, Bossman?

    *Trip looks at Leo with disbelief*

    TRIP: Seriously? This is what you are stopping me for right now? You know I have a Talent Relations manager for these types of questions right? I pretty much just got jumped out there by Dat Kid and my ex-faction leader trying to quote IWT by-laws like I'm some uneducated buffon. Well the jokes on them. Dat Kid wants his match he has to put his trust in his new lawyer or manager or whatever the hell Britannica is for him now. *Trip stops and thinks for a moment* You know, you should challenge Farooq for the Hardcore championship belt. It can be defended at anytime as long as Farooq agrees to defend it, which he most likely will. Show me what you can do in a match, even if you lose, and I will see what I can come up with for you at MITB? Now I need to get back to my office. There's a young brunette assitant in there that needs....*Trip smiles*...tending to.

    As Trip walks off, Leo shouts:

    "Thanks you, I guess?"
    Leo relaxes for a minute when Trip is out of sight.

    "IWT has Laws? I knew something was up with that contract...It's not always you get free alcohol before signing. Well, Time to Find Faroq? Fariq? Farooka? Farooq...Yeah, That was it...Time to find Farooq."

    Leo walks off in his quest to find Farooq and to get a match.

    OOC (open)
    Co-written by me and @Forrest Also FYI, @Big Boss - he coming for you nikka
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