Storyline LEO: VICE

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  1. A video plays after a commercial for Vice, showing two men dressed in Police outfits, shortly revealed as Officer Leo Taylor and his on duty friend, Officer Benny Huggins, as the duo look at the camera, "COPS" graphics coming up on the screen with Leo moving his sunglasses further down his face as the camera fades to the duo in a 'Police car'. Leo rides in the front seat while Benny sits to the side, a camera crew in the back.

    Leo: Officer Leo Taylor here, I've been on the force for one month now and already I've been given a big case with my partner, Benny, here. Reports have come in of 'mysterious dealings' going on within a company by the name of "IWT Holdings ltd.", the rights being held by one Michael *Bleeped out for TV* and we have reason to believe that the way this man took over the company may be related to a notorious gang in Columbia, who export a new and popular drug in the company, which will not be named for safety concerns. We believe, as cops that the owner of IWT Holdings may have links but also that certain stars within the company, mainly the Warfare brand, may hold more information on this 'gang' and where they're importing their product into America. This is just a report at the moment, and if something else comes up elsewhere, then I'll be forced to move onto that, but until then, it's time to go to IWT and --- What the hell is going on over there, Officer Huggins?

    Benny: It looks like a mugging, Officer Taylor.

    and on that, out comes Leo out of the cop car as both officers run towards the mugger, chasing him around a corner as 'Bad Boys' plays in the background, "COPS" appearing on the screen with a message saying "Patrolling an IWT near you" as the video fades out and back to the scheduled programming.
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