Storyline Leo Wang rehab

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  1. *The Chamber*
    Leo: Are you ready Mr.Boston?
    Mike: Are you sure about this master? I got a tag match in a few weeks.
    Leo: Nonsense, you got time to get ready, right now I gotta get out of this thing! Martin the pie and I have a bingo night tonight!
    Mike: Really, actually uh-
    Leo: Enough! Get the eggs, its rehab time.
    *Just like my brother, listen to "Orion" and read the montage*

    *Susan and Morty try to get Leo out his chair but he doesn't want help, Mike throws and egg and he stands up, then falls. Mike throws another egg, then Susan and Morty help Leo up, he stays in his chair. Mike brings is an ostrich, Jason helps Leo on it, then everyone leaves the room with Leo and the Ostrich alone, they come back 2 hours later to find out Leo defeated him and he is standing strong, then collapses, Mike throws another Egg. Mike brings Leo to a microwave, Mike sets it for 5 minutes and Leo starts chatting with the microwave, 5 minutes later, Leo still isn't finished talking to it, when the the time ends, Leo starts to cry.. Mike throws another Egg. Mike then brings Leo to a parking lot, he tells Leo to focus on the yellow car. While this happens behind him he's eating a banana and giving random mathematics questions, Leo aces all of them, except the last one, Mike throws another Egg. Mike then takes Leo to a barber shop, but Leo is bald, Leo stills asks for his head to be shaved, Mike slams an egg on his head. Mike then takes Leo to the zoo, he brings him to the panda exhibit, he tells him to watch them for 2 hours. He comes back 2 hours later and Leo is standing up, he looks at Boston and holds out his hand, Mike puts an egg in it and Leo throws the egg at Mike. Leo then begins crazy rehab, Leo breaks into the Rhino exhibit and starts riding the Rhinos. He thens runs towards the snake exhibit and starts playing poker with the snakes. Leo gets five aces and wins it all, security drags Leo out of there, they take him to the checkpoint where Boston is explaining until Leo begins telling a story about mustached porcupines, after the story is over security is in tears and they all shake Leo's hand and say he is free to go, after they leave, Leo falls down to the ground again LMFAO. Mike throws another egg. End of montage*
    *Back at the chamber*
    Leo: I still feel no POWA!!!!!
    Mike: I FAILED YOU *cries on Leos lap*
    Leo: I don't get it, I'm not feeling like the walking self I am! Wait, did you fix my shoelace?
    *Mike stops sobbing*
    Mike: What?
    Leo: Fix it!
    *Mike ties Leo's shoes, Leo stands right up*
    Leo: PAPAYA!!!!
    Mike: That worked?!?!
    Leo: Of course, remember the ammendments of Agletz???
    Mike: Oh yeah *Mike throws another Egg at Leo*
    Leo: Agh what was that for i'm cured?
    Mike: Sorry, that really fun.
    Leo: Now if you excuse me I got bingo night with Martin.
    Mike: Oh we were trying to tell you... Martin died while you were in the hospital.
    Leo: WHAT??!?!?! My pie friend is dead for the second and final time?
    Mike: It wasn't my fault! It was uhhhhh... Da Beacon's! He was so flipped out when Martin showed up he just ate him so he can stop feeling sad!
    You got explaining to do...
  2. *Enter Duggan with Groceries and kidnapped Store Clerk, he notices Leo staring at him*
    Dexx: You ok Master?
    Leo: You... killed... Martin...
    Dexx: WHAT?! NO! I swear! It wasn't me it was M- *Leo attacks Duggan*
    @rko2004 you bastard it was you...