Lesnar's return to RAW

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  1. So the date is July 20th, 2015, we are fresh off of Battleground. And Rollins opens the show gloating about another successful title defense. He then gets put in a random match in the main event with Orton, which that ends rather quickly to make time for a Rollins and Authority promo, and security comes to the ring to prevent others from coming. In the middle. Paul Heyman comes out to his old SmackDown GM music and into the ring to interrupt the promo and start his own but doesn't mention Lesnar the entire time he talks. Rollins then tries to make a move, Brock Lesnar's music comes and everybody freaks out. Steph repeatedly screams "HE'S SUSPENDED! HE'S SUSPENDED!" Security is sent and Lesnar dismantles them quickly, thus bursting through security. He then enters the ring. The ENTIRE Authority gets attacked. Kane, The Big Show, J&J, Triple H, and even Stephanie herself lays victim to the F5. Then after that, Rollins gets one. And right then, Out comes Vince McMahon himself. He announces that Lesnar's suspension has been lifted and that Lesnar will 100 percent be present at SummerSlam and he’ll be fighting for the title, which will be a huge main event match.

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  2. Nice stuff there, bud. I have no issues believing Lesnar's return will play out this way.