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  1. Following on from this thread: http://wweforums.net/threads/dirtsheet-report.30726/

    A few month ago me and Jabri talked about cutting down the amount of PPVs in favour of having more time between them allowing for better build and more uprising shows to build feuds. So I started that idea yesterday in the thread above ^^. It seems some of you are against this idea (or you thought I was just removing TLC cause I don't have time or whatever) - this isn't the case. It was to try and get fewer PPVs so we can have less shows but with better quality of match and build.

    This would be the schedule for a year:

    Uprising (IWT yearly anniversary)
    IWT Slammys
    Extreme Rules
    Money in the Bank
    Night of Champions
    Survivor Series
    Uprising (IWT yearly anniversary)

    This is just a draft card but it would be something similar to that. We could maybe take out a less-favourable PPV if you guys wanted.

    So let me know, what's your thoughts and please vote in the poll!
  2. I don't think you should cut the amount of PPVs, we just can't follow WWE's schedule because sometimes they have PPVs like 2 weeks apart from each other. Imo we should be doing something every two weeks or at least try to. That way we have a week of downtime for creative to come up with things and a week for competitors not having to be in matches or build rivalries. At the same time, it wouldn't be too much time off, because I fear that'd decrease activity in the section if things are just stagnant.
  3. So is uprising like IWT's RAW?
  4. Bfg, slammiversary and Death before dishonour need adding along with Drave Wolf.
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  5. Personally I agree to a PPV six months. That way, you can have Uprising one month, then PPV the next. PPVs I would want though are Destination X, Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, Survivor Series, Wrestlemania and Bound for Glory. That way each PPV has a gimmick and has some importance that the Uprising shows don't have.
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  6. We could have the current IWT roster vote on the PPVs we use as well. Doesn't matter much to me, but I have seen a lot of different names thrown out there now. Of course, some will always have to be there (i.e. Wrestlemania)
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  7. This, I honestly think it depends on how things go. We are only a handful of member's away from being able to do 2 shows and a PPV monthly. I say we stick to your schedule, adding some form of a show in Feb.....and deciding on what happens for the summer months after Mania. Things are going to be a lot more active again in Dec, and who knows how many members we will end up by the new year.
  8. Like the idea of having less PPVs. We should dicuss the name and the number of then though
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  9. Feel free to create your own schedules with the shows you want here, create a list format like I've done so it's easy to understand.

    Having something every 2 weeks is way too much overkill IMO. It's alright saying having a week for creative to come up with it, but in that space we have to: create the matches/stories, check the days users are available, check the times, re-arrange the schedule if someone comes late saying they need it moved. It's a lot to do when some users might not be online for a few days. Shows and stories would become poorly produced and I think it would lead to a lack of effort in promos because they haven't had much build time or time from the last show.

    That's just my opinion, what do you guys think?

    Uhm, I guess. More superstars. The less-experienced guys get more of the spotlight and the main eventers aren't on much.

    If the IWT champ wants to use a different PPV they can, as Aids did when he used Bound for Glory.

    Exactly. Uprising is used to showcase the less-experience characters so they can build them up without being overshadowed by the "main eventers". The PPVs we use will be decided on a vote here.

    Yeah, members wise maybe. But they wouldn't have good build, plus that would be a planning disaster having 3 shows per month. Even more-so than it is now :lol1:

    The reason I didn't have anything for February was because I wanted the build to Mania be uninterrupted and be solid. But if you guys feel like it's too long of a gap then we can sort something out.
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  11. Remember though, you can always have matches outside of PPVs, just let me know. They don't even have to go to voting, you can do an angle where the match is called off, it makes neither guy lose but you allow some confrontation between opponents to further the build.
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  12. EC would be cool, 6 members, one promo each, the order is randomly adjudicatedr, if you're lucky, you get to be the last one.

    IWT Slammys, just like irl, MOTY, wrestler of the year, stable of the year etc.. And a few matches (With the major title not been involved) That would be December

    RR The way we did it last year, random numbers... But instead of gettin a match at WM, just gettin a title shot, I mean, do you imagine AIDS vs God Based Darth (Dont really remember the name) yeah, poor AIDS
    (Insert TNA PPv) instead of IWT Uprising, with a EC to make things more interesting, too bad we unified the titles, otherwise the main event would determine the first contender at the WHC..
    WM Nuff said

    (Insert here TNA PPV) just like a rebound of WM, we can add stipulations if you want a ER-Like PPV



    (Insert TNA PPV)


    IWT Slammys

    And then Uprising that could work as Pre Shows, for those who dont get to the card
  13. yes i don't mind it although less ppvs = less gav the chav
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  14. They'll cut your dole money unless you continue to volunteer.
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  15. I guess i'll have to sponge of you and pops you slag
  16. Also, how would people feel about using the current trend for building up rivalries and having tag team matches at the same time? Combining separate feuds into one match. More superstars get action and chances to add to their current story line. Say, the tag champs and Aids vs Dat Kid and 2 other DX members or vs DK and a tag team if DK is still gunning for Aids for example. No titles on the line, but the involved superstars get some interaction before they have PPV matches.
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  17. Why not do a clash of the champions, let the ME's go at it and let some of the newbies get noticed too. Back when wcw was big iirc they did this to help build the cruiser weights and guys like mysterio and jericho were getting noticed. It was as close to ppv quality but on tbs
  18. As in; geekgoddess (iwt) and seabs (intercontinental) vs aids and b.dazzle?

    For an example?
  19. Or a Lethal Lottery!
  20. I feel like you are saying that because it happened maybe? Did I miss it? :okay:The fact that Aids is the champ now tipped me off. But yes, thats a good example. :boss1: