Let it Burn

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  1. *Music hits and Britanica comes out smirking, holding a teddy bear in her right hand*
    *She slowly makes her way down the ramp*
    *She walks up to the announcers table, grabs a mic, and walks into the ring*

    "Shhhhh... This will all be over soon. I am not out here to rant off a long speech. No. I am not here to play the victim. I am a simple woman with simple needs. *She holds up the bear* This is a symbol of my life. My way now. Light. Lifeless. Empty. But with a little imagination... He comes to life. He breaths. He talks. He tells me things. Some of which I may not want to hear. The whole trick is knowing just when shut him up. To block out the voices. *She hugs the bear close to her chest* I only imagine one thing happening right now. It is all I dream about. It is all that is in my head. I can taste it. Smell it. Breath it. *She rubs the bear on her face* It feels so good. I need it. The pleasure it will bring.. Oh the pleasure. *She pulls the bear away and looks into it's eyes* We both want this. We are both ready. Separation is key here. *She lays the bear in the middle of the ring* I am a patient creature. *She pulls out a box of matches* I stalk what I want and wait for the perfect moment before *she strikes a match on fire* I strike. I only want one thing. Nothing will stand in the way of that. *she drops the match on the bear as it begins to burn* This taste. This feeling. This lust I long for... Is... Revenge. I plan to dig two graves. One is for myself, but Christian, gum drop... You are coming with me. *She smiles and laughs* I have my eyes on the prize, honey. Carmen and Danielson will only slow our fate. I want it. I am going to have it. You can lay down and accept it. Or I can break down your walls and take it. Oh, how sweet it will be." *She drops the mic*

    *She begins walking out of the ring and pauses*
    *She looks back at the bear and continues to leave, letting it burn*
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  2. Was getting aroused till the fire kicked in. Still cool though. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! HEHE!
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  3. inb4Bevis oh... wait... too late. I NEED TP FOR MUH BUNGHOLE!
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  4. OOC: This is the second bear that you have burned. And here I thought you loved animals.
    Also, wtf is a gumdrop?
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  5. OOC: Gumdrop, HA! It's just a type of movie theater candy that gets stuck in your teeth real good.

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  6. But you're a good girl....hey hey hey :stopspot:
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  7. I don't like good girls, sorry
  8. lol dat vader gif.
  9. I'm sure it has something to do with feet
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  10. lol so gross.
  11. [​IMG]Oh yeah I bet you are

    :shock: Hey I talk! I say things to her! That must be me!

    My diiiiick!
    Dat Kid runs to the stage curtain with his pants at his ankles
    Dat Kid stops before he gets to the curtain
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  12. I think she purposefully wrote it that way :ksi:
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  13. You... a simple woman... LOL :lol1::haha::dawg:
  14. It is character you nut goblin.
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  15. This would happen wouldn't it!? :angry: :mad2: :tough:
  16. Second? I have burned many a bear. :pity:
  17. Brit you're just nuts with your character... so nuts it's freaky...
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  18. :woo:
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