Storyline Let It Sleep

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  1. *Camera opens to a dark room, a man has his back faced to the camera*

    "They never saw me coming, well who can? I signed yesterday....."

    *Man turns around, it's Corey Marcus*

    "What kind of animal am I? I'm not an animal, i'm more of a demon spawn, i'm what is seen in your nightmares, i'm what makes you wake up in the middle of night screaming. I'm the one that makes you worthless, i'm the hated, i'm the one that your dreams created. Every mistake you make, I will be there to drag you down. And once those feelings of yours die, you will remember the name that brought you to the abyss, you will remember who made you drown in that despair, you will remember who had those fiendish eyes, you will remember WHO... it.... it was Corey Marcus..."



    *Walks away, the segment is over*


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