Promos Let Me Tell You The Story Of A Poor Boy...

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  1. Dylan Gray walks down to the ring, people mic in hand and that same box containing his prized brass knuckles, as Gray gets in the ring he places the box infront of him.
    "Every since I was a young boy I wanted to make it big, I wanted to be huge, and now i'm here, i'm here in Internet Wrestling Titles, IWT, a pinnacle of E-Feds, and now that i'm here, i've seen something, i've seen opportunity, i've seen hope, i've seen my future flash before my eyes, and I wanna take it, take my chance, grab that brass ring and do what I set out to do when I was a young boy."

    "It started off well, beating Eric Draven in my first ever match, and then IWTMania IV came along, I was screwed out of my opportunity to be in the spotlight, be the best, reach the top, but it was all taken away from me, the hope, the opportunity, all taken away from me in an instant, but now, who stands in my way, Reagan Cole."

    "Reagan, i'll be honest, I don't like you, heck I don't like anyone in this damn place, but I respect you, but that doesn't mean I won't destroy you, leave you flat on your back at IWT Survival, so let me tell you a story of a poor boy...."

    "When Dylan was only 5 years old, he watched his first wrestling match at his dear grandmothers house, seeing as we didn't have cable, and ever since then, he knew what he wanted to do. His family was never well off, they couldn't afford lessons, couldn't afford decent gear, couldn't afford jack all for him to follow his dream, so he learnt the hard way, he set up a makeshift wrestling ring in his back yard, made out of 2 mats, his grandmother bough him a replica WWF Championship belt for Christmas that year, so he and his brother would fight over that in the makeshift ring."

    "Until one day he thought it would be cool it hit Gray where it hurts, so you want to know what Gray did? Bloodied him, broke his nose, he knew his parents would disown him, so he ran away from home, sleeping under bridges or in alleyways trying to find just that little bit of light, he then found that light in the form of another makeshift wrestling association, located in a random boys garden, Gray knew the brother of someone who worked in the 'company', so he asked if he could wrestle for them, he kindly accepted."

    "He dominated the scene, wearing just the clothes he ran away with, greasier than Aids hair and looking weirder than Spawn, he thrived, he conquered, but then it all went south, the makeshift company had to shut and Gray was back living in alleyways and bridges, cold, alone, hopeless, he was on the brink of collapse, when all of a sudden he found it, he found what he was looking for, he took a trial at IWT, he sharpened up, shaved, had a wash, thank god. And the more you know, he was offered a contract, he'd finally made it, earning his own cash, thriving after years of struggle and anger, so now we're here."

    "I've made it, i'm in the shape of my life, thriving off of what I deserve, where I am meant to be, and Cole, you won't stand in my way, I will do whatever it takes to beat you, I need this, I want this, I will have it, I've never had what I've wanted in my life, as a child living in horrendous conditions and as a teen living under bridges, heck I wore the same clothes for 9 months straight a couple 'years ago."

    Gray puts the mic on the floor, picks up the box, opens it and takes the brass kunckles out, putting them on his hand, he puts the box on the floor and picks up the mic.

    "Cole, you know i'll do what it takes to reach the highest point, I don't care how I do it, but i'll do it, and I guarantee you, your life will never be the same again."
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