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    On 14th December IWT will be 1 year old, so what better way to celebrate by having our men and women
    do what they do best... fight! Welcome to the match card for this special week!

    On Monday 9th December, we kick things off with a bang. Foes turn friends for one night only, when
    Adam & Queen Chrysalis team up with Rhod, Trip in the Head and Nickelodeon to take on
    the IWT Tag Team champions B.Dazzle and Gav the Chav, Shannon_724, TheArabHammer and a mystery partner.
    What will happen when enemies become partners? Tune in to find out!

    My sources inside Victoria's mental institution tell me she has 3 more tapes recorded
    and they could drop on the door mat of IWT HQ at any time, so keep a look out for them.

    On Wednesday 11th December we have the longest reigning champion in history, Senhor Perfect
    take on the longest reigning World Champion, CM Punk. It's canadian vs canadian, the best vs the best,
    what will give?

    On Thursday 12th December the X-Division title is up for grabs when David the Giant defends the belt
    in a triple-threat match against RKO2004 and DX2006. Who will walk out of Uprising as champion?

    Friday 13th December, unlucky for some and it'll be unlucky for either THG? or TheOvalhead as
    this former tag-team squares off. Who will reign supreme, and who will be down in the dumps?

    And on Saturday, 14th December as we celebrate ONE YEAR of IWT we have a match for the ages.
    Fresh off his win at Survivor Series, Aids Johnson defends his title against one of his opponents
    at Survivor Series, DK James, in a singles match for the IWT championship! What better way
    to mark the 1st anniversary of our great company than a huge match-up like this?

    Who will walk out of Uprising victorious, and who will walk into the Royal Rumble as IWT champion?
    All this and more, starting 9th December LIVE and EXCLUSIVE, on IWT TV!
    @gav the chav
    @Adam Aries
    @Queen Chrysalis
    @Trip in the Head
    @Senhor Perfect
    @CM Punk
    @Aids Johnson
    @DK James
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  2. Damn good card. :obama:
  3. Dat main event..
    Great Card. Cant wait!
  4. Hell yeah this looks good.
  5. Me and @THG? are planning for our match to be hardcore submission. How would that work out?
  6. No idea, you tell me :lol1:
  7. Isn't submission a predictions contest or something like that?
  8. I'm not entirely sure, let me see if I can find the match type thread.
  9. Oh.....I Haven't got a match......Alright, I'll go into this dark, lonely Corner, Jonathan.....
  10. Can't see anything about a submission match @TheOvalhead - what about we make it 3 hours of non-stop promos?
  11. :sad:

    Soon.... soon...
  12. sounds good
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  13. This better be the push I've been wanting......
    I'm with the Ministry so I'm Relevant now.....
  14. Be my manager for my match m8 <3

    No post-match butt sex though, in case that's what you're expecting

  15. Yeah....Sure.....It's not Like Jonathon is going to book me into a match anytime soon......Please book me into a match soon.
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  16. Looks like it will be Wales vs Spain then. Can't wait.
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  18. You should give em a pre-show match, he promos pretty well.
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  19. Oo, how about against me?
  20. Book it @Jonathan
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