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  1. "Coat of Arms" by The Life and Times suddenly rings through out the arena, shaking the seats. The crowd begins to boo, while a small section of hardcore fans cheer on Michael. He walks out wearing his regular silk suit and white tie. His wet hair, strictly, tied up. He walks onto the stage and looks at the crowd of people. He takes a big whiff of air and calmly walks down the ramp and scales into the ring. He walks around and whispers something to the referee, who in turn, whispers something to a camera man. After a while, a slick desk and leather chair are brought out and place in the ring. Michael sits in the chair, adjusts the height and takes out two contracts from inside his suit. He buttons the blazer up and grabs the microphone.

    Michael: IWT Fight for your Life is right around the corner. There is a notable absence from the IWT landscape. IWT Golden Ticket holder, Nick. You see, a man in power always does two things. What's good for business and what's good for the man in power. One thing that's good for business is Nick. Another thing that's good for business is Spawn. They put on a match of the night, last time. A sudden death round that was better than Aids Johnson winning his 4th IWT title. So I figured, that Spawn deserves another chance. Nick on the other hand, needs some more security. Because as far as I'm concerned...and the noticeable bump in pay...he's my champion. He's all the talent of Alias Antonio, the swagger of Aids Johnson, the legends of Frank the Jock, the attitude of Jack Forte, the skills of Joey Bryant and the star of King Zero...rolled into one big star. Spawn is however, his own star. He follows to path. He follows to way to the top. He is a monster that lives to the beat of his own drum. So I figured Nick vs. Spawn II for a chance at the IWT Championship, is what's best for business. Just think about it, Nick having two shots at the biggest prize in wrestling. Against the biggest star, Aids Johnson. Because I've promised Aids Johnson that this 4th run, will be the strictest in his career. Challenge after challenge. Match after match. It will be a real reign. Spawn and Nick have both agreed to the terms of the match, at hands. All it needs is a sign from the man in power.

    Michael sits up straights, and flips a few pages before signing. He reads a few lines of the back page, and continues to sign initials. He takes a moments to hold up the contract and think about the match before placing the men on the second contract, and grabbing the microphone.

    Michael: The match is set! Nick vs. Spawn for a shot at the IWT World Championship!

    Michael calls over a ring worker and tells him to take the contract back and give it to a staff member. After the worker leaves, and comes back. He brings a second leather chair. The worker flips the table to show is short side, and places the second chair on the opposite end of Michael.

    Michael: Now a final order of business for the PPV. King Zero! It's time we make this official. One more round. The Artist vs. Dat Kid II. No title shots, titles, careers or lives are on stake. But legacies and futures are. I've wanted this match since June 2014. I wanted another shot to prove that I in fact was better than you. Broke neck and all. I will come back for one thing, and that's your spot. The hall of fame, the titles, the fame, the fortune it will all be washed away. As your soul breaths it's last breath, and the Zeroes desperately try to dig out your corpse. Remember, you wanted it. Come out here and sign this damn contract!

  2. The Zero Sovereignty makes it way down the ramp. King Zero in the back grabs onto the ring ropes and hoists himself into the ring, while the others surround the ring. Without saying a word King Zero signs the contact and turns it to Micheal. Another one of The Zeroes steps in the ring and removes their bandana, it's Britanica. She raises the mic out of her holster.

    Let me clarify a few things, because as a former general manager I make sure the contracts signed are clear cut. Signing this contract will not get you into the hall of fame, you won't win any titles, you won't be in contention for being the greatest superstar in the IWT, and you certainly won't leave any legacy. The only thing you'll get when you sign that contract is the end of nothing.

    Had you been any other man we would consider this match a threat, but you're not any other man. You're The Artist, you're Roadster and it doesn't matter what you call yourself next because the thing that you will always be is the embodiment of failure. Hell, at this point it would be an exaggeration if I said you could fill the shoes of Jonathan.

    You think you're some kind of a threat to us? You're as delusional as the rest of the IWT. The only difference between the two is at least this place was once something, you are what you will always be, nothing.
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