Storyline lets get ready to rumble!!!

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  1. *the lights go dim as gavs titantron begins to play as gav the chav makes his way out to the ring receiving a thunderous cheer from the crowd gav climbs in to the ring and begins to address the crowd*

    ( Gav the chav ) now then you fucking cheeky little ****s guess what I'm back bitches and I'm better than ever i feel fresh after that much needed break and now its time to pick up from where i left off

    First of all i wanna get something off my chest thats really bugging you see when i was sat home playing with my tail and doing ordinary chav shit something came to my attention you see this place its lost the buzz it once had this time last year this place was proper buzzing everyone was getting hyped up about the royal rumble ppv but now theres nothing the buzz iwt once had has gone but theres no hype theres no build theres nothing this is supposed to be the one biggest of the biggest shows on the calendar the show that kicks off the road to IWTMANIA the biggest show on the calender now i know i sound like im complaining a little but thats what im not here to do instead i wanted to help bring back the buzz IWT once had

    The road to IWTMANIA starts now lets work together and and fuck shit up and make IWTMANIA the greatest show in the world starting with the first stop on the road which is the royal rumble ppv and more specifically the royal rumble match I'm kicking this off by announcing that I'm gunna be the first to announce their entry into the royal rumble match so come on then you cheeky ****s who's going to join me and tear shit up with me lets give IWT the best royal rumble match they'll ever see!!!!
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