Let's say ADR seriously is ruled out.

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  1. Who would you have face Sheamus so close to Summerslam?
  3. Barrett would've been great but would look so random now.
  4. I would make a Teddy long special and the tag team which wins, all compete in a Triple Threat. #FantasyBooking
  5. I'd probably give it to Orton tbh.
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  6. DZ and Jericho in a triple threat.
  7. Fatal Four way match. Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Christian vs Daniel Bryan. As Christian comes out Wade Barrett ambushes him and takes his place in the match.
  8. Thanks Farooq. I just manage to fix my WF problem and now I can't read any posts again because you forced me to cream all over my screen.
  9. DZ or Randy Orton prolly.
  10. Bob Backlund. If he's too good for the WHC, could be Orton, Barrett (a bit weird), or a multi man match involving DB, Christian, etc.
  11. This sounds good to me.
  12. :sandow: You're welcome
  13. Bryan is with the Sheen story, so while it's nice, it's not possible ;(.
  14. Rhodes or Barrett.
  15. Doesn't mean Daniel has to win, just there to make the match look good.
  16. How can he be in it if he's facing Kane/Sheen?
  17. Put someone new in there (maybe Cody Rhodes?) and that gives them a world title match on a major PPV like Summerslam. Even though they lose, they still get seen wrestling in a world title match and maybe get some sort of rub off of it. Not that it would likely mean anything, WWE probably wouldn't go anywhere with it afterwards.
  18. If he was out, I would guess it had to be injury. Else this months build was pointless, or suspension maybe. If that was the case I'd use Orton and then have someone screw either Sheamus or Orton at Summerslam to protect both (big faces) and not make the match seem pointless.
  19. Another injury would be interesting.
  20. Jesus christ almighty, keep orton down please. In fact, keep sheamus off tv. Pretend he is santino, and accept people dont want to see his gross fucking face in the ring during PPV's. And by that i mean preshow AND ppv. Fuck it. Have him get hit in the head with a brick and dz can go pin him for no reason in 10 seconds. Gives DB a reason to get into a 3 way ppv feud for night of champions.
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