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  1. Can I have some decorum please?!

    Now that I have your attention. I have a suggestion I wish to bring up. IWT has been active for just about two years now and I figured that it was time that I addressed this. This is something that I have been discussing with Shadow and a couple of other cats on Skype, and what I was going to suggest is this: Let's try and be original people.

    What I meant by this is that I think that we should start moving away from just using the names of WWE events and PPVS in the IWT. So far the only original events we have are Uprising. I understood the purpose of using the names of the WWE shows when IWT started but I do believe that we are mature enough to start zoning them out and replacing them with names of our own, to give IWT more of it's own identity.

    Is this something that the IWT is interested in?
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  2. I'm fine with that yeah. After SummerSlam though right? *fingers crossed*
  3. Well obviously.
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  4. Yes I agree quick question though if we drop the names of gimmicky ppvs like mitb, elimination chamber and the royal rumble will we drop the match stipulations with it
  5. Good question. I would hope not TBH
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  6. I'm a huge fan of BFG especially because it took the work but i think shit ppv's could be changed like battlegrounds etc.

    I guess i'm not active so my opinion doesnt matter as much as the rest but that is how I would like to see the IWT advance, i'd be juiced to see a site suggestion or other area have the WWEF vote on IWT PPV's at least once or twice a year to get people to check it out.
  7. What the big 4 PPV's? It would odd to change those IMO.
  8. Rename those as well.
  9. Keep RR WM SS and BFG, the rest are open. Old School IWT make sure you trademark my ownership in it.
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  10. We should at least keep the gimmicks though for the shows
  11. I think we should keep

    Royal Rumble
    and Wrestlemania (not IWTmania ffs)

    It's easier to generate material when we're using the same names. I understand the need for originality but I would be grateful if we kept those 3
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  12. I think we should call it IWT Mania.

    It's a different name played off the real one.
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  13. Oh god the rematch PPV could be IWT gets Chav'd (in Britain) or IWT presents The Dazzling Massacre.
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  14. Or chav in a cell or TLC tables ladders and chavs
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  15. lmao TLC would be so dank.

    Turntable's Lagers and chav's.
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  16. Guarantee Spot is gonna pick some japanese bullshit
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  17. Elimination Chamber should be called No Escape.
  18. lol
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. Also, can people please stop using people that actually exist in the wrestling world? I'm fine if it's some OOC podcast thing or something, but using Renee Young, JR, Cole, Josh Matthews etc. is just annoying for some reason. We need to decide on two commentators and an interviewer for IWT
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