Lewis Hamilton to join Mercedes

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jonathan, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. SSN Yellow Ticker.
    Hamilton to Mercedes
    Perez to McLaren

    Say bye to your title chances for the next 3 years. Great move for Perez though!

  2. Nice for Perez, surprised they didn't go with Di Resta (or is it Nesta) though. Idiotic move for Hamilton.
  3. Damn you Hamilton, you money grabbing piece of shit. I wanted to see Schumi again next year. That looks unlikely now. ****.
  4. It's Di Resta. IMO he's not marketable enough yet. He doesn't have much markability and you must have that for McLaren.

    In the 2014 season teams are allows to build their own engine, which Mereceds will be doing. They're also allowed their own chassis as long as it complies with the rules.

    For the 2013 season he will struggle, but has every chance of becoming WDC in 2014.

    See above.

    Schumacher was never going to be offered another contract... too many DNF's and just not great performance's overall.
  5. Apparently he'll either race for Sauber or retire.
  6. Lol marketable. Perez isn't marketable either. It's about winning that's it. Di Resta is a future champ, most certainly.
  7. If anyone is marketable its fucking Schumacher. Damn too many DNF's.

    Will be looking forward to seeing him again next year. That's if he signs with anyone.
  8. Of course Perez is marketable.
  9. Talent is marketable. Hamilton isn't successful because he's got a nice girlfriend and a good looking face, he's successful because he is arguably the best driver in F1 with Alonso. You really think guys like Vettel and Webber are marketable? It's nothing but talent that makes you marketable or not in F1.
  10. Your markebility is determined on your persona, your attitude. It's not all talent.

    Jenson Button isn't the most skilled driver but he's one of the most marketable.
  11. So you think they wouldn't sign Di Resta -- the most talented young driver in F1 -- because he's not marketable? Give it a rest son lmao. Perez is equally as talented probably but he's not "more marketable" at all, in my opinion.
  12. Perez has more talent and is more marketable, in my opinion.
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