Storyline Life at the gas station with Duggan

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  1. *Camera man at gas station*
    CM: There he is! *He walks up to Duggan, he's talking to the gas station attendant*
    Dexx: I dunno why but it's like i'm practically invisible around the IWT since I got back, they still think i'm garbage
    Attendant: You'll get there man, don't worry about it, hey can I get your autograph?
    Dexx: Sure. *Sigs the man's hat*
    Attendant: Thanks *Another car pulls up, a bunch of guys hop out* Oh no, not them again
    Thug: Hey! You! Remember our deal?
    Attendant: We have no deal if you want our gas your gonna pay the price!
    *Thug kicks the attendant to the ground*
    Dexx: HEY! What are you doing?!
    Thug: Fuck off none of your buisness!
    Dexx: Oh yeah! Try me! *Dexx grabs a mop for car windshields and begins hitting all the thugs, Duggan gets in this massive brawl 5 on 1, he knocks one out by just using the mop, throws another into a support pillar, the other 3 guys begin to beat him up until the attendant grabs the mop and begins hitting them, Duggan gets back up and takes them all out, a cop car shows up*
    Police: You alright?
    Dexx: These guys tried to rob this place of its fuel, with the help of this guy we took care of them. Nice job man!
    Attendant: No prob, but seriously that was all you, the way that went you gotta chip on your shoulder!
    Dexx: Wouldn't say a chip but it was something.
    *Ends scene*
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