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  1. *the lights dim and the crowd erupts as Marcus's theme song starts. Marcus walks to the top of the ramp in a sleeveless hoody with his hood over his eyes and pulls the hood up as soon as Kanye starts his hook. He points to the sky then towards the ring and walks down.

    "IWT I'm finally home. I know it's been overdue but I can now get the competition I need to bring you guys the best of me. I've noticed a lot of turmoil here between DX and the IWT elite. There's been a call to arms to try to and stop DX with volunteers obviously flocking to put their names down to do it. There are a lot of top guys out there involved and what I want *looks around the crowd* is to prove a point and make an impact. IWT, DX beware because someone is going to learn what Marcus Anthony can do once he has his sights set on something. So lock your doors. Put the women and children to bed. The middle eastern menace is coming for your head. *crowd pops and starts chanting Menace! Menace!*
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