Light ’Em Up!

Discussion in 'WWE Feed' started by Bot, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Light ’Em Up!

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  2. 4/20 was last week dip shit
  3. So, um, this is awkward.
  4. Epic thread title.

    Edit; LOL ^
  5. Here we go ! Dolph'sZiggler against bot.
  6. Actually you might need to change your name, it might fuck up the RSS feed.
  7. We're warning you if you spam. :devil:
  8. Quoting the fail.

  9. Shouldn't have used so many smilies Crayo.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. lmao. Epic win
  12. Maybe HE should change HIS name!

  13. We'll soon see if articles start being posted by the user instead of the swag filled bot who keeps trolling Dolph.
  14. It just posted a Funky article, I think it's fine bro.
  15. The fack is this?
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  16. Light 'Em Up? I feel like in the frickin' twilight zone. :silva: