Storyline Lightning Never Strikes The Same Place Twice.

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    Tyson Storm is sitting in the ring, slumped against the bottom turnbuckle holding his neck in pain after a loss to Ivy Hale. The victorious Ivy Hale has began making her way up the ramp, heading backstage when suddenly:

    The opening guitar riff of The Bullad Club’s theme song rings throughout the arena stopping Hale in her tracks. After a few moments, Scott Fargo, the IWT Universal Champion walks out onto the stage to a thunderous shower of boos. Fargo walks down the ramp, straight past Hale who shoots Fargo a dirty look as she heads to the back. Fargo climbs up onto the apron and doesn’t take his eyes off of the hurt Tyson Storm. Fargo is handed a microphone has The Bullad Club’s theme dies down. Fargo waits for the rowdy crowd to quiet down before raising the microphone to speak.

    “All I gotta say is simply this…”

    After a moment of waiting.

    “Thank you.”

    The camera cuts to Storm in the corner with a confused look on his face before it cuts back to Fargo. Fargo chuckles to himself.

    “I need to thank you for so much. Let’s start with this. You beat me. I need to thank you for that. And y’know why that is, Tyson? Because it opened my eyes. You showed me just how complacent I got at the top. You showed me just how stupid and idiotic I was reacting. My loss to you a couple of weeks ago gave me the kick in the ass I so very needed to overcome Chris Kaizer. You beating me? It lit a fire inside of me that had burnt out. I thank you for this.”

    “Now, the second thing I need to thank you for is losing to Ivy Hale tonight. Why do I need to thank you for that? Because it proved me right. Your loss to Ivy Hale tonight proved that I was right all along. Tyson Storm is NOTHING but a flash in the pan, a one hit wonder. I thank you for this.”

    Fargo strokes his beard.

    “Tyson, despite how good you think you are, despite how much you think you can get the win over me again, before you even begin to think that I am "underestimating you", I’ll tell you this. Lightning never strikes the same place twice.”

    Fargo turns his to the hard camera and puts his head down.

    “Now before I go, I gotta say one more thing. To all of the people who hate me, to all the idiots who thought that I wouldn’t be able to beat Chris Kaizer, to all the people who thought Chris Kaizer is better than me, to Chris Kaizer himself, I say this:”

    Fargo lifts his head, slowly revealing the biggest smirk on his face.

    “Fargo. Slept.”

    Fargo drops the microphone as The Bullad Club’s theme song kicks in. Fargo then exits the ring. Halfway up the ramp, he unfastens the belt, points at Tyson Storm and raises his championship above his head as we cut to the next segment.

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  2. Wut m8?
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  4. Mate. I told you in PMs I'd be doing a promo after your match which is exactly what this is. A promo after the Storm/Hale match. Not a promo the night later like yours is. A promo after the match on Vice.
  5. True. But I needed to do another segment anyway with my tag team partner. It's not a big deal
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  6. Is "sitting the ring " like a phrase or something, that all I was wondering lol
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