Storyline Like Old Times.

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  1. The Camera shows two feet walking slowly with crew members also applauding. The camera tilts upwards and shows Aiden Ryan holding his Slammy infront of him. "You earned that, Aiden!" "Great job, mate!" "Keep up the hard work, Pal!" voices of encouragement from the crew He feels pats on his back as he continues to walk down the corridors, but is completely mesmerized by his achievement. Everything has lead up to this moment for him and he couldn't be happier. This is not a championship, this is something people win every year but he can't help but feel strongly about it. this is his, only his and no one can take this away from him. Completely oblivious to his surroundings he accidentally buts heads with someone (Literately) Aiden slips down "Sorry! I'm sorry!" He panics thinking he had struck a crew member. He lifts his head up and a shocked look is drawn upon his face.

    "Wai... wait? W..what? When did you..."
    He Stutters as the camera tilts up to who Aiden Ryan is refereeing to.

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  2. The camera lifts up, showing a man in jeans and a hoodie that covers his face. He pulls the hood back as the person is revealed to be Brandon Pain. With a smirk across his face and offers his hand to Aiden.

    "Damn you look shocked! You think I'd miss your big day"

    Brandon helps Aiden back to his feet

    "I needed a little break and now... I am back"

    The camera moves to the side to show Brandon reading Aiden's slammy

    "Breakout Star of the year..."

    He looks up at Aiden pulling his hair back and holds his hand out.

    "Congrats Brother. You earned it"
  3. Aiden Extends his hand and grips the hand of Brandon. He smiles slightly but struggles to find his words. He is confused, slightly concerned.
    "Thank you, Man. It means... it really means alot to me that you are here tonight. But i have a few questions... Why? To begin with and... What next? I mean, After everything that happened we left on such... negative notes... I lost contact with The British Kid and suddenly Big Zeke.... he stopped following me... and you pretty much disappeared leaving... as brutal as it's going to sound, leaving me to fend for myself. And don't mistake it, i'm not hurt by it... if anything i'm grateful that i can stand on my own two feet, but i figured you would of at least reached out to me in some shape or form. I don't understand it one bit. I thought we were closer then that."

    Aiden Releases his hand from Brandon Pain obviously looking slightly hurt, but yet less worried. He walks over to the crate beside them and lifts himself upon it to sit.

    He places his slammy next to him and lifts his knees up to his chest then places his chin on his knee, he looks over at Brandon and awaits for him to answer the questions that Aiden is dying to know.

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  4. He takes a deep breath and leans against the walls, he nodded as he heard Aiden. Taking a deep breath before responding.

    "Yeah... well, when I said I needed a break, let's just say... I needed to grab hold of myself, I was going down a dark path man and it wasn't pretty. I didn't mean to leave your side but if I hadn't left I would've slipped into ... well."

    He took another deep breath, grabbing a small bottle of water and drinking.

    "I should've been there... I did want to but the last thing I wanted was to pull you down with me, I needed to do this alone and I had to prioritize and remind myself why we do what we do. Because we love kicking ass" he smiles "Anyways, I'll tell you all about it when we grab a drink tonight, gotta celebrate in style right?" he grins "What do you say Aiden?"
  5. He Nods and grabs his slammy.

    "It is what it is. We can now focus on taking over again and work on communication that we seem to be lacking. The one thing that's eating at me is the fact that you haven't heard from The British Kid. I'm concerned as to why he didn't reach out to us... I guess now that you're back you can sort of help me figure that out... But for now i guess we should just try and relax abit... it's a celebration afterall! We'll focus on the bigger things next week."

    Aiden Ryan nods and slides off the crate.

    "I think i'm ready to go for those drinks, Let me just go get my wallet and my backpack and we'll be outta here."

    He pats Brandon on the shoulder and walks down the corridor. The Camera then fades. ​
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  6. OOC: You guys wanna do a dark tag match?
  7. I'm up for it :)
  8. @Tsar, if @Butters! is good with it too
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  9. I'm down.
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  10. I am totally up for it, I'm sorry but for some reason i am not getting tags in posts. :/
  11. Yeah that happens sometimes. We could set it up after the Rumble is posted if you guys like. Perhaps any interactions in the Rumble could carry over if they happened.
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  12. I'm building up a hype to it with a segment that they can add to it. :)
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  13. Sounds awesome!
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  14. So when do you guys want to have the match? I realize you may be waiting for tsar to reply in the other thread
  15. I'm good to go whenever. Got quite a bit of free time for the next couple of weeks (then one day of traveling followed by more free time :p)