Linda Mcmahon

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  1. Isn't it a shame, that Linda is trying to ruin the WWE by removing Attitude Era videos ( not all), but some of them. Kane chokeslams Linda Mcmahon video got removed from youtube and dailymotion. Well Linda :finger: :pity:
  2. She does indeed suck.
  3. Don't talk about my bitch of a wife like that.
  4. She's going to lose. And when that day happens...
  5. :notsure:
  6. Ok I won't talk about it anymore. :finger:




    or maybe I will :haha:


    not here, but on twitter.
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  7. You can take away AW, you can take away our attitude era videos (not really cause i can still find that shit on youtube), but you will never take our...umm....America! :finger:
  8. Well, indeed, Linda running for senator is an annoyance for us WWE fans. I wish she'd just lose and stop trying already.
  9. This whole Linda McMahon removing Youtube content is a farce, doesn't really matter though because most "Fans" have the DVD's/VHS's anyway so it would only be a matter of time before the clips are re-uploaded again.
  10. I hate my bitch of a wife :finger:
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  11. You best do, lock him in the basement so she can't run for election then all will be restored.
  12. :smug: That's what I'm talking about.