Lining up the suspects in Kaitlyn’s Night of Champions attack

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  1. Lining up the suspects in Kaitlyn’s Night of Champions attack


    For Kaitlyn, Night of Champions was supposed to be the turning point in an up-and-coming career, a moment when, years down the road, the WWE Universe could point to and say, "That was when things really took off." In the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view, the determined Diva had been on quite a role, winning a No. 1 Contender’s Divas Battle Royal and even overcoming the dominating Beth Phoenix. Heading into Sunday, she was primed and ready to challenge Layla for the prestigious Divas Championship.

    Instead, what should have been a career-defining pay-per-view turned into a nightmare for the powerhouse challenger. That night, she was found writhing in pain backstage, nursing what was eventually diagnosed as a sprained ankle — an injury that forced Kaitlyn out of her Divas Title Match and, quite possibly, out of the Divas Title picture for some time to come.

    In the wreckage of that now-lost opportunity, only frustration and questions remain. Frustration on the part of the fallen Diva and questions as to who conspired to train wreck her recent momentum.

    Her assailant is still unknown, though has been able to officially rule out Little Jimmy. Still, the motives are crystal clear. Someone obviously wanted Kaitlyn out of the running for the Divas Title, which has incited to ask the question: Who attacked Kaitlyn?

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  2. Mae young did it
  3. Eve, just Eve.
  4. HELL NO, Mae is a sweet old woman, she wouldn't do this!!
  5. #BlameLacky
  6. Behave.
  7. mae has a hand for a son... you cant trust people with appendages for offspring
  8. Anyone think there might actually be a swerve?
  9. :russo: I don't think so but it'd be nice to see.
  10. Explain this swerve, do you mean like Kaitlyn pretending to be injured so Eve could win, and they're forming some kind of heel diva's tag partnership?