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  1. I think we need this in a thread or in an Important thread with FAQ etc for new members.

    Currently we have:

    Single Match - 48 hours of Promo Battle followed by 48 hours of voting

    No DQ match - Same concept with permitted use of pictures, videos & music

    Tag Team - Two on Two promo battle

    What I think we should add:

    Steel Cage Match - Pinfall/submission & escape: Normal promo battle with character limit

    Submission Match - Prediction contest or limited no of promo battles.

    Falls Count Anywhere - If Crayo allows this, promo battle can continue to other areas (However I doubt this) So winner in Live-Discussion thread

    TLC Match - Reach a certain vote count (example 1st to 5 votes win)

    Gauntlet Match - Promo battle 3 promos per person then swap to next

    Texas Bull-Rope Match - Given 4 targets. I.e Reach a certain post count, etc. Whoever does it 1st wins.

    Flag Match - 1st one to fetch his and his opponents flag images wins

    Iron Man Match - i.e 30 promos each, winner after 30 promos wins

    Lumberjack Match - Opponents select 3 members each. After each exchange a promo, members can lay in mini-promos of 140 characters against the opponent of the guy they are representing

    First Blood Match - Promos begin at X character and go up exponentially, and must be posted within a time-limit, whoever can't meet the posts loses

    I Quit Match - Both members must be online, 1st to go offline loses and must post promos in x amount of time.

    These are just some suggestions, you can juggle around what match has what - But I think we should have a match list and a description so when new members look and take an interest, they know what matches we have should they like to get involved.

    @"Britanica" @"Jonathan" What do you guys think?
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  2. Use the thread designed for user feedback/suggestions please:

    Also, the rules ( do a good job of acting as a FAQ.
  3. this would be to hard to keep track of so i would have no. just go by either ppv picks matchest or promo voting.
  4. Thread Already Made & Unfortunately it was ignored when I made it about a month ago
  5. This just prove my point that the gm on here just injore are posts or thread.
  6. Gohan... Don't start. You don't need to point out things out.
  7. i just saying this is a huge problam.
  8. I remember reading this & starting to work on a list but never finishing it. You were not ignored. I just... sorta... forgot about it... :pity::otunga:

    If you guys want a list, I will rework on one.
  9. He was not ignored. I just forgot to finish working on it.
  10. i don't think that will work. we are not really wrestling to me it make no sense. we should stay with the voting promos or the ppv picks matchest.
  11. What I was doing is making up my own match stipulations.

    For example:

    A straight up match is one promo each, text only.
    A straight up x2 match is two promos each, text only.
    ... ect.
    An Iron Man Match is promo cutting for one hour back & forth.

    and so on. It is doable in this format. I can make a list of types if you would like so it would make it easier for everyone when requesting a match.
  12. no b/c that does not help me since i do video promos. and same people do ppv picks matchest. so it will not work.
  13. :facepalm1:
  14. just have it as voting promo or ppv picks match. we don't need to have a match type since we are not really wrestling. It going confeced the hell out of everyone.
  15. FACEPALM GOHAN! FACEPALM! :angry: :mad:
  16. Did u hear what I said?
  17. :mad2:

    No. I didn't hear a word of it.

  18. just have it as voting promo or ppv picks match. we don't need to have a match type since we are not really wrestling. It going confeced the hell out of everyone.
  19. :facepalm1:

    That one went right over your head. :pity::lol1:

    I got it Gohan, but I have to see what everyone else wants/thinks as well.
  20. it would make no sense and could be desice. user are already confesed and we will get then more confesed doing this. and i do video promo most of time.