List of the 20 people with the most matches on Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Same as with my Raw thread. This here is a list from with the 20 wrestlers with the most matches in Smackdown history.

    Mysterio, Big Show and Kane in the lead with Morrison, Finlay and Rikishi bringing up the rear.

    full list.
  2. It figures that the top two are two of my least favorite workers in the company.
  3. Damn, Kane has worked alot of matches.
  4. Dat workhorse called kane
  5. Hardy? I'm a SD fan girl, and I didn't felt his presence on SD. Must've dosed off while he was in my TV screen, match or not.
  6. Kane is the hardest working guy in the E, wasn't hr second I the raw one too?
  7. Yup. 363 matches on RAW since its inception or something like that.
  8. Indeed Kane works.
  9. After some farting about on the net Kane has had 928 matches in the E/F winning 472 drawing 69 and losing 387.