List your fav Indy/Japan matches

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  1. Basically. Mention one match per post. What made it good, who took part in it, any particular stipulation to the match and what promotion produced it. If you have a video link that is even better.

    I'll go first:

    Freedom Fight 2012
    Fourway Elimination match for the Open the Freedom Gate Title
    Johnny Gargano (c) vs Ricochet vs AR Fox vs Akira Tozawa
    Great set of competitors in it. Ricochet is one of the best if not the best high flyer on the independents now and a star in Japan and AR Fox is becoming that (which is the basis for their feud). Tozawa is the heel MVP of DGUSA and one of the best in the business today which puts him as the moral opposite of Gargano who is the face MVP of the company and one of the best young guys on the scene now (his 2012 was great). All four men work well together and the match told a great story. Defnitely worth checking out. Match also symbolized Gargano going one full year as champion.
  2. In with Tanahashi vs Machine Gun Anderson


    Karl has found his single's niche now as a seasoned vet IMO, the crowd was hot for it and I loved the psychology of each man scouting the others signature. The top rope F5 spot left me heart in mouth, how the fuck did he not pick up the title there? I digged the Bernard driver tribute to Tensai also, finally it showed why Tanahashi is the best in the world IMO Anderson looked like a million dollars (yen?) at the end, Anderson was magic with Okada but better with Tanahashi.
  3. I feel like Gohan after walking into work and seeing CM Punk and The Undertaker sharing a banana split when I found this


    I knew it had been announced for a while and it was only a B show but these two meshed really well, Devitt strumming the air guitar whilst cranking on the abdominal stretch and the chair shots on the outside, plus his double foot stomp :gusta: This wasn't a one man show either, Tanahashi once again pulled his weight and even though it was formulatic (working over the legs) shit was still dope.

    Now the ending

    Show Spoiler
    Tanahashi winning has me abit 50/50, I'd have really dug him forefitting the title to pick it up again after winning the New Japan cup still I can't complain as my boy won, Devitt shoving him at the end and the little stare down was excellent and gave me a slight erection when I think what is to come. They'll wrestle again and I can't weight, just hope it's given more time

    Rating : What happens when you take the best junior heaveyweight in the world and have him square off with my best wrestler in the world? A happy seabs ****, not a classic but it's wet my appetite.
  4. PWG
    Threemendous III
    Young Bucks vs. Future Shock vs. Super Smash Bros

    Japan 2001
    Kenta Kobashi vs. Jun Akiyama

    Short, but sweet post. :emoji_slight_smile: